You Have To See *Baby* “13 Reasons Why” Star Dylan Minnette in an Episode of “Grey’s Anatomy”


Before a long time, Dylan Minette was breaking or melting the hearts of the fans as Clay Jensen in the first two seasons of the show “13 Reasons Why”. He played the role of a hearing-impaired boy who named Ryan on the fourth season of the show, Grey’s Anatomy in episode 5. In this episode, Ryan is given a new set of ears. The new set of ears allow him to hear. But that is not only important. The important matter is the “Baby. Dylan. Minnette.

Take a look at this boy, how cute he is.

I mean that:

This cute little boy has no idea that he is going to walk around Liberty High School in a few years. And also that he does not know that he is going to fall for a girl who named Hannah Baker and then ultimately he would get haunted by her memory.

He is going to be hurt in the show.

Check out what he has been before:

“Dylan’s first onscreen role was in Nickelodeon’s Drake and Josh.”

Dylan has played his first onscreen role of Jeffery in Nickelodeon’s Drake and Josh in the episode named “The Demonator.” In the scene, the kid is dressed as a pirate at the theme park.

“He also starred in both Two and a Half Men and Prison Break.”

Dylan has even played the role of young Charlie Harper and Michael Scofield respectively.

“Then, he snagged a guest spot on Grey’s Anatomy (who hasn’t, tbh)”

Dylan has also played Ryan, the role of a young boy who was born without ears. And in the scene, he got the extra ears which allow him to hear. McSteamy has reconstructed these ears for him to listen correctly.

“Soon after that, he also snagged a role in Saving Grace.

The character clay played by Dylan is not the first time “Clay” character that he has played in the show “13 Reasons Why.” It seems funny enough.

“You may have also caught him in a Supernatural show for one episode.”

In the season episode of “Family Remains,” he has portrayed the role of Danny Carter.

“He after then made an appearance in LOST as a character called David Shephard.”

In the “Sideways” timeline, David was the son of Jack Shephard and Juliet Carlson. It’s very complicated to explain. So, don’t ask. We will tell this whole story some another day.

“He dabbled in the superhero life on S.H.I.E.L.d.”

He has played the role of Donnie Gil aka Blizzard.

“He made a big return to Shondaland in 2014 when he appeared in Scandal.”

He has played the role of Jerry Grant who was the eldest son of president Fitz Grant. He has ended up getting poisoned on the orders of Olivia Pope’s dad. He was problematic for others.

By the way, that’s not all. He also starred alongside Hugh Jackman in “Prisoners” in the year 2013. And you may even see him in “Goosebumps” opposite Jack Black in the year 2015. And also if you look closely, you may catch him playing the role of an orphan in “Fred Claus.”


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