What your Birthday Month says about the kind of Woman you are!


The month or the date you are born on tells a lot about who you are or what your personality is. Here we have gathered some information on months and what they say about you. Every woman is unique, and they hold an exceptional quality of their life. Every date and every month holds some significance in your life. It determines your fate and also what personality you will eventually acquire. It is proven that your birth month affects everything from choosing future to your attitude. Also, it is stated that women born in specific months are more optimistic as compared to others. Let’s find out more.


January born women are characterized by being ambitious, conservative and serious. They feel the need to criticize, but they don’t talk about their feelings, they are conservative ladies. They rarely get angry, but when they do, it is above tolerance level of other people. They want to be surrounded by intellectual people that share same views on life.


Women of February month are very romantic and want to be treated with patience because they have many fluctuating moods, not everyone can understand them. These women possess abstract thinking, and if you ever decide to betray them, they will never see you again. They can get away from people very quickly.


Women born in March have a powerful charisma and charming their personality. They are dedicated people and also very loyal. These women are hard to fall in love. They are very cute until they get upset. It is, in fact, a pleasure to live with this kind of person. They are great women.


These women are diplomats and are easy to have a conversation. They are open to talks, but sometimes they pity themselves. April born women tend to be very jealous which if exploded, destroys everything around them. So, you better be careful. An April woman will make you the happiest man on Earth and love you with all her heart. Only a few people deserve this woman.


May born women are very persistent and faithful to their principles. They are nice women, physically. They do have a problematic side to their personality and can get dangerous to handle when turned crazy. They remember everything and might come out for revenge. But overall they are beautiful and caring women.


These July born women are very creative and are communicative, curious. They believe in truth even if it sounds harsh. They like to face the realities in their lives rather than running away from it. They are powerful players when it comes to love. They have sometimes tended to play with others feelings but then try to make it right at the end.


July born women are known for their honesty. They do not allow anyone to come close to them and are mysterious in their subtle way. They are knowledgeable, beautiful and are at a higher level than the rest of the people. They try to avoid conflicts and are polite to everybody. They often suffer because of what they did in their past. Dear men, if ever you fall in love with a July born lady, don’t even think about cheating on her because you might lose her forever.


August women possess a unique combination of egoism and a great heart. Do not try to mess with these women because sooner or later, they will win. Despite being happy with their incredible humor, they do not allow anyone to mock them. If ever this happens, you won’t even realize what hit you. They have a hunger for always being in the spotlight and thus never suffer from men’s attention. These women have such an enigma that men lose their heads in her presence.


September women are kind, disciplined and beautiful girls. But they never forgive people who betray them. So, try and be careful around them if you think to hurt them because they will come back for nasty revenge. Women born in this month want a long-lasting relationship. They are not on for one night stands. On the other hand, they are very critically tuned towards their partner and need them to meet all her requirements. The man who wins her heart wins her. They listen to their minds more than they listen to their hearts. Hence, keeping less room for errors.


October women demonstrate what strength and independence feel like. They have a robust and iron-like character but are very emotional. They rarely cry in front of other people. These women are smart, do not open up their soul to everyone knowing that people tend to abuse after all. Other women often get jealous seeing their persona.


November ladies are one step ahead of everyone else. They have a great sense of identifying when someone is lying. You do not want to play games with this woman because they’ll get the best of you. If you ever want to be happy with these women, you need to keep in mind that never ask them for their opinion.


December women are born with a lot of luck, are little impatient, can be too fast and can find out ways to win any situation. They know well how to lift the mood. Usually, it takes only a few minutes usually takes a few minutes for them to conquer you. They have a great heart but sometimes get hurt by people who they do not like. They are great believers in God and have his blessings. Women born in December are winter lovers, mostly and are beautiful. If you ever happen to fall in love with this one, make sure to love them unconditionally.

Be it any woman, each one of them is unique and possesses different sort of qualities. Love them as they are and they will love you even more.

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