What Each Eye Color Says About A Person


Eyes are the most beautiful organ of the body. It is what connects the most when you meet a person. Eye contact is the first gesture to know how the person in front of you feels. Eyes are one of the dynamic things a body can have. It is just beautiful in its way. When you wake up in the morning, what do you do first? Open your eyes, right? See what the day beholds. What would we do without eyes? Value them, respect them, care for them.

When you meet someone, eyes are the first thing you notice; it’s the first way you communicate with the other person. Their eyes reflect the soul you behold. It’s the window to your soul. You’re eyes convey more than your words can ever say. Even when you’re saying something, it’s the eyes that make it all visible. If you’re sad and try to act happy, your eyes portray an entirely different expression.

Similarly, the color of your eye says a lot about you. It reflects the inner you. Various traits and characteristics are associated with your eye color. No two people have the same eye color, even if they do, certain patterns make it different. These are distinct due to the variant pigmentation. The ey color ranges from blue, green, brown, silver, grey and black.

Brown eye color is the most regular eye color around the world. But the shades of brown vary in different parts of the world. The people in the middle east have a different shade of brown whereas the people in Europe have a different hue of brown. Over % of the people have brown eyes. Black colored eyes have originated from the brown color. Darkly pigmented brown eyes are often considered as black eye colors.

People who have brown eyes are considered as wise. They make their own decisions and don’t like to be told around. They have a good sense of humor and attract the other person towards them. They are kind and have a touch of mystery to them.


Blue colored eyes are the second most common eye color around the world. It is a dominant color. Approximately 8% of the population has blue eyes. Blue is the color of attraction. People with blue eyes are wonderful. They hold a good sense of humor, are generous. They are passionate, loving and will protect others when required. Also, blue is the most demanding color for lenses.

The next eye color is the hazel color. Hazel often shifts color from brown to green. The dominant color in hazel is brown and green, but the eminent one is gold/ green. People with hazel eyes are adventure lovers. They have a sense of diversity in them. Also, short-tempered. They are generous and outgoing. They are compassionate.

5-8% people have the greenish-yellow shade in their eye.

The green color is the rarest eye color. Only  2% of the population has this color. People with green eye color are considered as most romantic people of all. They have a unique sense of compassion. They are adventurous.


It’s amazing how our eyes reflect so much about our personality. Try finding out the rare people. They are gems!










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