LOVE is one of the most powerful emotion that human beings express. BEING IN LOVE is one of the most intense emotions/feelings anyone can go through. A relationship is of various kinds. One is the formal relationship we maintain at work/school; other is the informal one with friends and family, and the most life-changing is the romantic relationship we live in. The type of love interest we seek for is usually the reflection of our needs. 

Everyone is in need of a compatible partner in their lives and finding the right one is quite challenging. Some are lucky enough to find their ‘soulmates’; rest need to wait for it. Isn’t it one of the most beautiful feeling when you know that he/she is the right one for you? Ah! Total Bliss! 

But what if you’re wrong? What if he isn’t the one meant for you? Or what if he’s started losing interest in you? What if your relationship is going to go through some hardship? 

Some signs start to appear beforehand, but it’s just a matter of time and observation to notice it. If you’re open enough, you might see it very clearly.

Don’t get disheartened my loves, every once in a while our mind and heart need to feel the emotions you’re going through. But if you’re man shows/ uses some of the following phrases then I’m sorry dear, he might not be interested in you anymore. 



This might come as a surprise as this expression is usually related to the expression of intense love for your partner. But there is also a probability of them saying this to prove their manipulation. When you’re man says,”I Love You,” there are chances that he might mean it but when starts saying ‘I Really Love You” quite often, then that “Really” in the sentence implies that he’s done something wrong but wants to prove that he still loves you. There are equal chances that he might just be expressing intense love for you if he says it sometimes. But if he says it very often, it’s time to ask questions or understand that he isn’t interested or loves you anymore.



This is generally an expression of annoyance. If your man starts saying this, then there are chances that he has become distant to you. By using this phrase, he means that he is least interested in what you decide to do. This also concerns to the fact that he isn’t interested in guiding or suggesting you if you’re stuck in a difficult situation. But at the same time, it may also mean that he’s giving you space to decide what you want to do and trusts your decision. If your man genuinely cares for you, he wouldn’t use this phrase.



Overthinking leads to predicament situations. If you think there is something wrong and express the concern to him, but he blames it on you instead that you’re overthinking, then there are chances that there is something wrong. There is also a chance that you might be overthinking, but if the situation seems to reoccur many times when there’s the red flag, your man might be lying to you. You can sit and talk to your partner about your problems or his problems. But “you’re overthinking” is not the answer to your every question.



Your man may say this when you nag about his minutest problems. But this is also an expression to say that he’s not likely to change and wants you to accept him as he is. This might even hint towards the fact that he doesn’t like you or doesn’t care about you. Very rare he can use this phrase when he sees that you aren’t happy with him and wants better for you.



When you’re man questions everything that you do or why you do then it is very evident that he doesn’t trust you anymore and doesn’t care about it anyway. This also hints at the fact that he wants to be the dominant one in the relationship. There might even be situations where you are getting blamed for no reason. There will be more excuses than reasons. He doesn’t love you if he’s continually trying to escape through explanations. The excuse might as well be their chance to end the relationship. They might be looking for a window to escape through.




When it comes to men, there are situations when they don’t like to explain themselves; they just want to be understood. In a relationship, interrogation is not a wise act when it happens on every little thing. It is normal to ask him about important things to know him better, but if it’ questionable, you shouldn’t shy away from questioning. If he constantly keeps replying “I Don’t have to explain Myself” then it’s a matter of concern. This directs to the fact that he’s trying to hide something from you. When hiding things start in a relationship, it is mostly nearing the finish line.



When in a relationship, their problems, their fears, their interests become yours. When he starts stating that your problems don’t concern him anymore or “It’s your problem, not mine” then it’s pronounced that he doesn’t love you. Everyone has some or other problems, but if you decide to be in a relationship, you tend to help the other person out. Saying that it isn’t their problem is not the solution.


These are the general interpretation of the phrases. They do not necessarily mean that your man doesn’t love you. If there is a problem going on in your relationship, then you need to sort it out and even if it doesn’t work, do what’s best for both you. Relationships aren’t meant to be suffocating; it needs time and space. Don’t ignore what might seem wrong to you but don’t always be in a mindset to doubt and find reasons to end the relationship.


All the best ladies. Hope everything turns out good for you. 🙂



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1 Comment

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