Try Out The Most Romantic Hairstyles To Wear On Romantic Date


This valentine’s look your best by following these fantastic hairstyles that work for you. Let Bella Hadid, Tracee Ellis Ross, and Millie Bobby Brown ask you out on their hairstyle date-not just settle for primary waves. Here are 13 celebs with their romantic looks to adorn you with charm.

Claire Foy

It is probably one of the bossiest looks of this beautiful actress. This one isn’t tough to achieve. Merely slick back your strands using a wide rake comb using a potent holding gel and make this fantastic look.


Rowan Blanchard

We are gushing over this side parted hairstyle of Rowan Blanchard. This one goes well for any occasion if you carry it well enough. Choose your best side of the hair, conquer it and then divide. To seal this look, spray some gel to spice it up if you have a bob cut.


Margot Robbie

Soft curls are classic as it looks fantastic on everyone. Use a flat iron to create this fantastic look. It establishes some gentle waves that’ll frame your face correctly.Brush them out using serums and rick it!


Tracee Ellis Ross

The gorgeous look of Goddesses of the Island in Wonder Woman got inspired by guess who? Tracee Ellis Ross looks fantastic and fits in for some reasons. Get this heavenly look by creating a low ponytail and then braiding your hair down on one side. You can go for a classic braid or can spice up with a fishtail.


Millie Bobby Brown

It’s all about the detail. Shift the ballerina bun on its head; start with individual braids in the back section before piling the bun on top of your head. Brown’s hairstyle highlighted her cool jewelry and her perfectly winged eyeliner.  We’re entirely in love with this one.


Bella Hadid

This beauty loves to keep her hair tightly pulled back to flaunt her perfectly cut face. Try out this fantastic hairstyle if you have a jawline and face-cut as sharp as her. Show off your bone structure. Take a section of your upper hair to create a high pony, also tight. Smooth it down using a styling cream or gel. For achieving a retro look, flat iron on the ends.


Yara Shahidi

Natural curls have another type of sexiness to them. If you have that type of inheritance, brush your hair like Yara Shahidi! Part your hair in the middle using a massaging hair oil for maximum shine.


Cara Delevigne

The retro look with the sexiness of Cara keeps us in awe. The golden waves are the most romantic ones. Go for looping a few strands of golden locks onto a bobby pin and then secure and hide the pin.


Lily Collins

Lily Collin’s hairstyle is a unique and mesmerizing look of middle-parted hair ending into a messy bun down. Part your hair in the middle, curl the bottom half of them and then twist both sides back and twirl some random sections into a bun, secure them wherever necessary. Leave a few loose hair strands at the front for adorning your face.


Chloë Grace Moretz


Add a twist and style to your regular side braided hairstyle. Add some texture by teasing your crown and then flipping your hair for a messy deep part there.


Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa looks stunning in this modern-day flower child. She gave this braided crown an intricate touch by placing flowers all over her hair.


Jennifer Lawrence

Beach waves can work during mid-February too. Try out this beachy wave look by Jennifer Lawrence pretty beautiful yet undone.


Jasmine Sanders

Here’s a look that’ll turn you into the star of the show. Leave out few curly pieces free in the front and tie the rest of your hair in a high ponytail. Tousle the ponytail for a carefree and effortless style.





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