Beauty lies in details. Nails hold the most minute details. The trending nail art is one of the most intricate detail you can offer. Your freshness and cleanliness are often judged by your nails. The cleaner your nails, the better you look. Those nail’s crevices can be home to numerous bacteria and dirt if left dirty. Brittle, thin, dirty nails aren’t pretty to carry. Maintaining your nails isn’t a terrible job.

Here are some tips for you:

  • HYDRATE YOUR CUTICLE: Key to almost everything when it comes to the body is to keep it hydrated. So, keeping your cuticles hydrated will give it more strength and look. Cuticle creams, oils, salves, conditioners, and sticks all make it useful for moisturizing. Make sure before using the products; it is designed for your cuticles. While applying lotion to your body, apply the moisturizer to your nails as well. The regular washing of your hands decreases the moisture content. So, don’t forget to moisturize your cuticles every time.


  • USE RUBBER GLOVE: While doing any work that may cause harm to your cuticles, use rubber gloves. They will protect the outer layer, i.e., the cuticle. For example, while washing dishes, your hands are exposed to harsh chemicals which will damage your cuticles. For a fact, all the cleaning products are harmful to your cuticles.
  • THINK ABOUT BIOTIN: Biotin is a nutritional supplement for strengthening brittle, frail nails. It halts the frailness of nails and helps to reverse it. If all other methods fail for your nails, try talking to your doctor about taking the biotin supplement. Biotin is a Vitamin B which is great for brittle nails. There are proven other benefits of biotin. Food such as eggs, almonds, nuts, and legumes are rich supplements of Biotin. It also acts and a coenzyme.


  • REFRAIN FROM BITING YOUR NAILS: Protect your nails from your teeth. They are one of the biggest enemies of your nail. When you bite your nails, it makes your nails sloppy. It degrades the quality of nails and also affects your dental health. Children, Adults who bite their nails could even crack, chip or wear down your teeth from the stress of biting.


  • TRIM YOUR NAILS REGULARLY: Nail growth is very rapid. Therefore you need to trim them regularly. Long nails are usually hard and may cause pain. Today, long and trendy nails aren’t in fashion. Manicured and trimmed nails are the trend! So don’t fall in the old fashioned way of keeping your nails long. Also, long nails are home to various germs and bacteria. They can also create a home for yeast. They might even get caught in different places such as zip. So, before growing your nails very long think about the harm, it can do to you. 


  • PROTECT YOUR NAILS: Protecting your nails is the best way to keep your nails healthy. If you want to keep your nails robust and in excellent conditions, you need to protect them. The essential way to protect them is by applying nail hardener. Nail hardeners keep your nails protected. Prevent your nails from using them as tools. This is very tempting. Heat or hot air may also harm your nails.


Now that you have learned about protecting your nails go for regular manicure and pedicure. There are specific natural remedies for the better health of your nails. These were guidelines so that you don’t miss your beautiful, healthy nails.

The nails you carry, reflect the status of your health. Problems of lunges, liver, and heart may also show up in your nails. So, take care of your body and take care of your nails.




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