Tips And Tricks To Grow Nails Long And Strong


You all ladies would always be in the tension to think of your beauty and your skin and hair care. But guys don’t worry about it; daily we can read the number of articles which can help us get the best results for the beauty purpose. Today also we will get the same. You no need to worry about your health when there are so many procedures to help yourself to get rid of such things. We can also enjoy a civil life as we want but the thing is you need to take care of yourself very correctly.

Many girls are fed up because they do not have proper nails and so when they look at them, they feel low with the worst look of nails. It is the primary problem that they face, and so they try to find out solutions to those issues. But after many tries, they did not get it done very correctly. They are not happy with the parlor techniques. So now don’t worry we are with the solutions to your problems. You need not worry about the problem. No matter you feel bad to see nails which get chipped off or are weak and fragile. So we have the homemade technique to solve the issue.


You need:

  • Garlic Cloves

If we rub garlic cloves on the fingernails, it helps in growing your nails faster.

  • Olive oil

  • An earbud

  • An empty container for storage


Benefits of the ingredients:

1. olive oil

  • It strengthens your nails
  • It aids nail growth
  • It adds shine to your nails
  • It acts as the natural moisturizer for your nails

2. Garlic

  • It reinforces your nails
  • It supports nail growth
  • It is an excellent nourisher of your nails


Step 1: Put some olive oil in the container.

Step 2: Peel off some garlic cloves and add them to the olive oil in the container.


Usage and results:

We will use garlic juice to get the best results and so be attentive while performing the task. Also, let the garlic get thoroughly infuse with the oil at least for 3 hours. Apply the mixture of garlic and oil on your nails as shown. Apply it very calmly and slowly. Don’t be in a hurry. Garlic and oil provide moisturizer to your skin part. After fifteen minutes wash your nails with the help of water. You can also use soap or cream after that so that garlic does not smell from your fingers. Many people did not like its smell. The remedy is the perfect one as it helps us in the faster growth of our nails. We will also get quick results through the technique of using garlic. In just fifteen days you will get the result very soon. Also, your nails grow stronger than before. For your help, you can store the mixture of garlic and oil in the airtight container so that it does give the smell of garlic out. Also, the homemade mix has its validity date of the use within 15 days after manufacture.

Common problems of fingernails:

  • Too soft
  • weak
  • Yellowish
  • Curved
  • Develops ridges
  • It grows, but it cracks in the middle
  • The top layer of nails peels off
  • Too brittle

Other tips and tricks to improve your nails:

  • Drink lot of water
  • Check your diet
  • Have your manicure regularly
  • Use the nail polish that also promotes nail growth
  • Wear gloves while doing dishes or laundry
  • rethink your nail polish habits
  • Give your nails some rest
  • Buff your nails
  • Keep your nails warm

It is always hard to get the long and healthy nails. So you must keep in mind the tips and tricks that are given above to grow your nails long and intense.


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