The Way You Hold Your Partners Hand Describes About Your Relationship


Your relation depends upon how physically in touch you are with your partner. Most important touches of them are holding hands. It is very important to notice how someone hold their partners’ hand. How you hold your partners’ hand describe how deeply you are in love with them.

1. Downward Facing Palm

This type of persons are independent and they can make their very own decisions by themselves. Obvious, they are very confident and has a great affection for their partner. They are always overprotected in the relationship.

2. The One Finger Hold

They are an independent type of persons. For them, their relationship is very important but at the same time, they also think of other people too. They have their individual passions and interests as well. Despite being in a relationship they give equal time to the other persons as well.

3. The Interlocked Fingers

This shape means that both of you are very passionate about your love. You take your love life very seriously. Both of you holds a very good strong connection. Such people are caring, comfortable, vulnerable and honest in their relationship.

4. Over The Shoulder Hold

This gesture clearly defines that you are caring and protected toward your partner. You don’t want to lose your partner at any cost. Moreover, you guys never show any hindrance in making it out in the public. Rather, you are proud to have your partner.

5. Hand Wrapper

Such type of person is most protected ones. They share an indissoluble bond that can’t be broken. They mostly dependent on each other.

6. Subtle Touches

Most couples do this move when they are in some flirty or happy mood. They do this move in order to seduce their partner.

7. Firm Grip

Your partner will hold your hand very tightly to you their dominance in the relation. They want the charge of the relationship.

8. The Wrist Grab

It’s a quite confusing gesture. Some people say that it is a sign of losing relationship while some say that person with this gesture tends to make their relationship stronger than before.

9. The “My-Lady”

If your partner wants you for his whole life then he will do such gesture. This gesture clearly means that the next person is clearly onto you and he or she will never leave you alone.

10. The Hand On Top

If your partner holds your hand like this then you don’t need to worry about your love life. Your partner really loves you and they will never leave you alone no matter but.

11. The Linked Arm

Well, such type holds says that couple has been in love for many years. This is the most common gesture seen in our daily life.

12. The Non-Hold

This is the most dangerous touch. If your partner doesn’t hold your hand but just touches your ass, then they are sexually attracted to you. They just want you for physical satisfaction and don’t love you at all.



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