The Very Easy Five Steps For The Puff Hairstyle Tutorial

The Puff, this hairstyle suits every outfit you wear. It is one of those hairstyles whose trend never ends up. You can wear this puff hairstyle for any occasion and on any outfit. The hairstyle suits everyone. But many of us find difficult to make a better puff. The puff hairstyle is effortless and easy to make. Sometimes we have to go to an event on the concise notice, and we do not get much time to make any hairstyle. So we are always with the option to make a puff hairstyle.

The puff is the hairstyle which takes very less time to make it. We are here with the following proper steps to teach you how to make a beautiful and elegant puff hairstyle. It is straightforward.

“All you need is:”

Properly cleaned comb, bobby pins, and beautiful shiny clutch.


1. “Comb your hair, and make sure that your hairs are tangle free.”

Firstly make sure that your hairs are adequately washed and completely dry. The puff will properly make in the clean and dry hairs. Comb your hair correctly so that your hair is tangle free. Comb your hair as relax as you are.


2. “Now Take a small section of your hair at the front, and pull it back.”

After combing your hair, take a tiny section of your hair in the middle upper and front part of your hairs. Pull all these hair back in the middle and sets the width of the puff according to the shape of the puff you want to get and according to the size of your face. For example, if the woman has an oval shaped face, then she should take the more extensive section of hair from her upper part of the hair to make a puff. And if the woman has the round shaped face then she should take a small section of hair to make the puff.


3. “Roll the section of hair, as shown in the image.”

Now slowly roll the hair taken for the puff two times and twist it. But make sure that these rolls should not affect the puff. One thing you have to make sure that do not roll your puff more than three times and do not tight the puff so that the shape of the puff does not get affected. The hair in the puff should be left loose.


4. “Hold the Roll as a grip, push the hair in the front such that it puffs up.”

After rolling your puff two times then push your little hair bit on the front side so that your puff gets upward which increases the height of the puff. But make sure that your puff does not get messier. You can improve the height of the puff as much as you want to do according to your get up. In case if your puff gets messier, then it will not stay stable for the more extended period.


5. “Use a tinny clutch or bobby pin to keep the pouf intact.”

To fix your puff, you can use either bobby pins or a small clutch. The bobby pins are more suitable, and your puff will stay for the very long period. But if you want to make your puff more elegant then you can use the colorful, shiny small clutch to fix your puff. It will decorate your hairstyle somehow.


These all are the steps that you should set your minds to get a beautiful and elegant puff hairstyle easily and shortly. The puff is the only hairstyle which you can make in the concise time when you have to go anywhere on the concise notice.

We hope you understand all these five easy steps.


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1 Comment

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