The Tricks That Make Sure That Your Makeup Even Shines Under Glasses


If you’re worried about losing your eye beauty behind those glasses that attain great importance in your life, then don’t. We have some fantastic tips for makeup for you. In reality, glasses presents an opportunity for you to frame your eyes better and highlight them well. You can try out more products which might feel heavy without your glasses.

The trick to looking great with glasses is to give your eyes as much dimension as possible by highlighting areas like your inner eyes, pushing back and framing other creases.

Here are the best glasses make up tips to make you look stunning.


Contour your creases

Start with the basics, create a crease for giving dimensions and depth to your eyes. A hint of eye contour along the ridges of your eyes works the best.

The creases of your eye area where the top of your eyelid and your brow bone meet in an indentation. Go for a sweet and neutral color and then create some hue using dark brown, mauve or some black color for your creases to create a shadow and thus adding depth to it.

Use an illuminator for the inner eye, under-eye line, and under-brow bone:

Draw attention and add some light to your eyes underneath your lenses which will add some brightness and make them look more full. Make sure to use a suitable color so that it contrasts with the crease color. The best way to create the look is to add some shimmer.

Line your Upper Lid

If You Line up both your upper and lower lash, the line adds intensity to your eye, now when you are wearing specs, highlight your eyes by lining your upper lid. Keep it simple and as close as possible to the hem. Brown eyeliner works best to create a defined look without making it look harsh.

Wing your liner

Winged liner is the best shape for any type. Glasses make your eyes look closer together. Here’s a hack: just extend the line of your eye by adding a wing on your liner. Most of the glasses we wear have a wider lens than the eye, and this gives you a chance to do the wide-eyed look without making it too wild.

Groom your brows well

Now that we’ve covered the areas of highlighting your crevices pay some attention to your brow. A messy and an unorganized eyebrow dull the shimmer of your made up the eye. No need to worry about creating those filled up and squared brow; you can just make sure that they are tidy. A matte brown and an angled brush work the best.

Wearing glasses doesn’t limit your beauty and desire to wear makeup. It adds a better look to your eyes. Carry a simple line of kohl and rock that simple chick look. You should be proud of being in, an era where being the geek is a trend. So, you are in the Trend! You can go for sparkly blue or burgundy eyeliners which will add charm to your look. Carry out sleek and straightforward liners for your lids.

Try out these fantastic yet straightforward tips to make up your eye with glasses on.


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