The Sleeping positions reveals about Our Personality! And Tells Our Actuality


Everyone in this world has some defined personality, which we all need to identify for ourselves and others. One of the great psychologists, Carl Yung, has given his views on the personality. According to Carl Yung, “Every person has a personality by birth, but it is non-functional for him.” He also said that an individual adapts certain things from its environment which forms and molds the personality of the individual.

It happens because what we see around us we start behaving like that and make all that as our habits, and then we apply all this to our nature which converts into our personality. So, personality is our behavior according to our surroundings with others. It’s our behavior towards others and anything which we can call as our personality.

Our sleeping patterns are also one of the parts of our personality. The different sleeping ways not only reflects our personality but also affects our health. According to the scientific studies, we should add a pillow to our sleep to get a restful night and painless morning. The different ways in which we sleep can reveal our personality and can tell what we are.

We are here with the different sleeping patterns which reveal our personality and tells us our actuality.


1. “Straight On Your Back”

Many of us sleep straight on our back. It reveals that the woman is well organized and very much serious about her life. She organizes everything for her life in the best manner. The woman can manage everything perfectly.


2. “Like A Fetus”

It is the fetus position. 41% of the women sleep like a fetus by putting her knees folded side on her chest. The way reveals the personality of the woman in the very beautiful manner. It tells that the woman is very shy. She hesitates while talking with others. She feels uncomfortable in front of others. She rarely speaks openly with others.


3. “Snooze On Your Pillow”

It is the usual position of sleeping. Many of us sleep by snoozing on our pillow and laying on our tummy. The position reveals the very much personality of the woman. It tells that the woman is always ready to accept the challenges of life in front of her. She is very much bold to face the challenges. She is open to everyone. She does not hesitate and does not feel shy in talking to others. She can openly talk to others.


4. “The Hugger”

Some women are the huggers. They sleep with hugging their pillow. The way to sleep like this reveals the personality of women and tells that the women are very open to others. She always helps the society. The woman is a socially responsible person. The woman who sleeps in this way can make her friends easily and fast because she is a social person.


5. “Side Sleeper Sans Pillow”

It is the way when women sleep sides to their pillow. It is the sided position of the women from the pillow. The women do not take the pillow alongside her. It reveals the personality of women who sleep like this. The way shows that the women are very kind hearted and very helpful. They are always ready to help others.


6. “The Heron Style”

Heron is a bird of gray or white wading with a long neck and long legs. Some women sleep in the heron style which reveals their personality. This sleeping style shows that the women who sleep in this way are more adventurous and they like to take more risks in their life for doing more and more adventures.


7. “With Your Head Under a Pillow”

It shows that you can take your life easy that others feel like ‘high stress.’ You can handle the noises outside while sleeping.


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