The Problematic Issues of F.R.I.E.N.D.S which Is Not Good for Millennial Viewers


“Friends” is an American hit sitcom which ran on NBC for ten years. The show’s finale series premiered in 2014. The show was working on Netflix UK until at the end of 2017. While it was still running in the US for the many months, it has attracted many new audiences towards it.

When the show was first time aired on the TV, there were too many young viewers of the show in millions. They called up the show out on the Tweeter because of which many problematic plot points have arisen.

Some characters have created many uncomfortable feelings for the viewers like the character of Chandler Bing shown as a very emotional character and his jokes which seems him to be gay.

And also there were shown many off-white characters in the show in spite of the scenes of the multi-culture of New York shown in the show, which led the show to be very slammed.

Many storylines showed off the show which put the show in the wrong way.


1. “Body-shaming of Monica Geller”

Monica Geller is one of the characters of the show played by Courteney Cox.  She lives in an envy-inducing apartment in 1990’s New York. She is the charming character in the show. She played the role of Chef very beautifully and successfully in the show. She worked as a chef within her apartment.

She is fat as a teenager. And her other flatmates, brother, and closest friends, who are the other main characters of the show would not let her forget that she is very much fat.

There is one scene in the show, where all the casts of the show are watching her old prom video, and Joey Tribbiani is very much shocked to see her because she looked bigger and shouted: “Some girl ate Monica.”

One more ironically moment is there in the scene when Fatty Monica dances while eating a bagel.

The modern viewers of US and Uk didn’t t like these moments. They branded these moments as “needlessly lazy and cruel.”


2. “Transphobia.”

Chandler Bing’s father also seems to be bisexual or gay, so he is ashamed of his parents. And all other five main casts of the show used this as to deceive him for the all rest of the ten seasons.

The Hollywood A-lister Kathleen Turner played the role of the father of Chandler Bing.

It revealed that Chandler Bing’s father had an extramarital affair with the pool boy in the show and he also works as a drag queen in las vegas.

Chandler bing makes very many jokes at every character of the show including his father because of his playful nature.

The modern viewers of the US have called the show as “transphobia” because the show is insulting the father of chandler bing by making him wear the women clothes.

When the viewers saw Chandler’s father on the stage, he asked: “Don’t you have a little too much penis to be  wearing a dress like that?”

One of the viewers tweeted that “What I’ve learned from Friends’ being added to Netflix: the homophobic and transphobic jokes age it SO BADLY.”

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