The Most Valuable Tips That Everyone Would Like To Give Their Youngselves


Many of us have already spent our more than 20 years, have you ever looked back and said to yourself that “I wish this had not happened” and “I wish just that one person had not entered my life?” I am sure that everybody would be said these things once to themselves. We should give tips to our younger selves to relive and make sure that your younger ones make these tips as their perfect for their lost moments if not really then at least in their imagination.


1. To learn a skill/ art

Childhood is the best age time to learn a skill or art. In such age, we don’t have to make more efforts. It is the best age to learn any skill. The earlier you start to learn, more quickly you can learn and would have much time for you to practice. You have to train your mind to learn any skill. It also prepares your mind to tackle any challenging situation if arises. Your mind becomes more sharp and creative. And it also keeps your brain in the excellent condition in the old age.


2. To understand the importance of education

Every younger person feels that one should understand the importance of education. Without any knowledge, we can’t take any decision in our life. Those who understand it and make this step they feel happy and glad and others who don’t take, they regret their decisions. So if once you know the importance, then no one will blame you.


3. To stop cribbing over just that one percent

The youth and teenagers nowadays want everything to a great extent. If one wants to drop the school, then other wants his or her 100 percent. These results and decisions affect the circumastances that you suffer in your future. The advice that I would like to give my younger selves to concentrate on their present and their exams, projects, and assignments as a chill pill. This does not mean that you don’t take them seriously and skip them. This only means that don’t make the stress of such things in your life as your study is important as other things in your life.


4. To stop thinking that your parents are heroes

Don’t judge this point without reading the extent in it. A child considers his or her parents as heroes as they can do anything for him or her. When your parents lack in it, then you become resentful, disappointed, and judgemental about them. You start hating the activities they do for you. You conceive the idea in your mind that they are wrong. In the later stages only, you realize that your parents are superheroes.


5. To comprehend this thing called “Money.”

Money is such a beautiful thing that the whole world wants today, yesterday, and will also want tomorrow. One should learn how to invest it or save it. Whatever you had spent and wanted to spend just be conscious of that. To start learning anything at the early age is much better than to learn the things in the shortcut.


6. To eat right and sleep when it is the night

One should know what to eat and at what time one should sleep at night. You should maintain your health which fully depends on the eating habits and sleeps you take at night. You should eat a light meal at night and also 4 hours before going to bed. One should make the sleep of at least 8 hours. So sleep accordingly.


7. To stop jerking tears for a jerk

Don’t jerk your tears for the wrong person. Just enjoy your life and stop thinking about others. You should learn to enjoy companionship.


8. To go easy on wanting to try Everything ASAP

Don’t make the situations so tricky for you. You have to go easy with everything that you want to try in your life and try them as soon as possible.


9. To draw a line when it comes to sacrificing

You can easily sacrifice the one things for others when you can make or buy it for yourself.


10. To ultimately realize that it is all going to be okay!

Don’t ever take stress of anything. Just make your mind restful by thinking that everything is going to be okay.



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