The List of Ways to Protect Your Hair From the Hot Summer days


According to Brian Wilson, “Summer means happy times and good sunshine. It means going to the beach, going to Disneyland, having fun.”

The musician of an America has described the summer as “The vacations and the outdoor after months of spending time cooped inside the house.”

We all know it very well that how the hot days of summer harm our skin and we also take precautions for it. But it’s rare that we think the harmful effects of sunrays on our hair. The sun can equally harm our skin and our hair.

Let’s take a look at the effects of hot summer days on our hair.

1. We have the bouncy hair all over the year, but when summer comes, our hair turns limps and are less bouncy. It is happening because of the high humidity content present in the air when it settles on your hair; it reduces the weight of your hair.

2. The sweat and the dust in the summer days contribute in hair problems because of which hair fall increases.

3. The hot summer days dry out everything also our hair.

4. It also causes dryness and sunburn. It also damages our scalp because of which our hair roots get damage.

5. Our hair gets dry more in summer and the mistakes we make in those days are over conditioning and over treating our hair.


The sun rays can damage our hair severely, so we have brought up the list of the ways to protect your hair against hot summer days.

Before using any product type on your hair to protect them, firstly check out few things:

1. Scalp Type: Dry, oily, dandruff, itchy, or any other medical condition.

2. Hair Type: Curly, wavy, straight, colored, or any other type.

Now have a look on various ways to protect your hair:

1. Avoid too much cosmetics

2. Love your conditioner

3. Shampoo with care

4. Swimming

5. Avoid heat

6. Trim them

7. Care for your color

8. Sun protection

9. Control frizz

10. Lots of fluids

11. Hair primer

12. Hair oil


1. “Avoid too much cosmetics.”

Try to avoid cosmetics during summer. The hot summer days already dry your hair harshly, so prevent coloring and all either at spa or home. If you want to color your hair then do it one or two months before the summer arrives.


2. “Love your conditioner.”

As we know, the hot summer days dry out our hair, so we should keep putting some life our hair by using conditioner. Don’t use the different conditioners. You have to get the one which suits your hair and scalp both. If you are going for swimming, you have to make sure that you use conditioner and put swimming cap.


3. “Shampoo with care.”

Don’t shampoo your hair daily. It will cause harm to your hair. Using too much shampoo will dry your hair and scalp. Go for the mild shampoo during summer if your hair and scalp get sweaty and greasy soon. You should only shampoo your scalp not the hair separately. When you wash your scalp with water, the shampoo will come down on your hair, and your hair will get a wash. Shampooing your hair separately will damage them and dry them.

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