The List Of Different Kinds Of Romantic Relationships! Choose Yours


Everyone in this world is different and have different thoughts. When you choose your partner and step up in a relationship, you would not get the partner as you would want and something that you want in your partner.

All the relationships differ from person to person. Your relationships depend on what kind of person you are. And a lot of other things contribute to your relationship and makes it unique.

There is a variety of relationships but to be kind, there are seven special kinds of relationships. It’s your personality and the circumstances which make your relationship different from others.

The seven different kinds of relationships are:

1. The one without love

In such type of relationship, there is no place of romance, but still, it is a kind of a relationship. This type of relationship depends upon the physical needs.


2. The one where you are more than friends

This relationship usually is created when people are together for a while. When you are friends for many years, it helps to get to know more about each other which develops the special feelings of liking for each other. It seems like you are dating each other, but in reality, it is not the situation. In such a relationship, you are more than just friends but do not step further to avoid the complications in your so-called friendship. The complications like you are afraid of an end-up of your friendship.


3. The one with fatuous love

The meaning of fatuous is pointless which would explain the meaning of relationship itself.

This is the kind of relationship in which you spend a great time with each other and also between the sheets. But in reality, you have no clue for the future of your relationship. You don’t know where would your relationship headed in the coming years.

It’s not like that you don’t know anything but the situation is that due to the complications you don’t want to discuss it with each other. And also the reason may be you both are waiting for good things to happen your relationship.


4. The one with romantic love

You both love each other so deeply. No one can just come in between both of you. You are in deep love with each other. You fight, but your fights do not last for a long time. Your romance takes the first place in your relationship.

You both already know where your relationship is headed and where it will reach in the coming years. This happens because you can’t imagine your life without each other.


5. The one with compassion

This is such kind of relationship which everybody would aim to be theirs. In such a relationship, you and your partner know each other very well from in and out. You understand each other very well and do not take much time to understand each other for any situation. You can manage easily with each other. Even if you are different from each other then can manage it well without taking much of the time.

This kind of relationship is quite rare to have between the couples. But the couples who have this kind of relationship then nothing can come in between you.


6. The one with infatuation

Infatuation is the situation in which you think that there is nothing without your partner in this world and you just want to be with your partner forever. Your relationship can also be short-lived in infatuation.

Infatuation almost takes place between teenagers, and it can also happen to anyone at anytime.

It is the special feeling in which you can not imagine your life without your partner. This kind of relationship creates a lot of complications, so it is not a healthy relationship.


7. The one with consummate love

The relationship with consummate love is the relationship which everyone dreams to have it. In such a relationship, you can live with your partner in any situation. No matter who so ever come in between both of you and you also know each and every thing about your partner.


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