The Common Mistakes Of Makeup That We All Should Learn


Nowadays, everybody applies makeup, but only a few of us apply the makeup in the right manner. We all should know well how to apply the makeup properly. The eyeliner we use should not be smudged. The wing of the eyeliner should not tardy. These are some of the common mistakes we do while applying makeup. There are many products other than the eyeliner, mascara, and Kohl. We should take care of everything while using them. Everything should do properly. People say Practice makes perfect.

We have listed some common mistakes in applying makeup. So take care of them and practice them thoroughly so that you become perfect in makeup applying.


1. “Blush Blush”

Blush is the most comfortable tool to use for applying make according to all women. But it’s not true. One should perfect for utilizing the Blush. We can learn from our mistakes anytime. We have given the tips for applying blush. Don’t put a lump sum of blush on the one area of your face.

It will make you look like a joker. Just swing the brush all over the area of your cheek. It will make your look supernatural.


2. “Applying too much concealer.”

Many of us make a mistake of applying too much concealer on our face. Your wrinkles will highlight if you choose the wrong color and put a thick layer of it on your face. Your face will look aged. You should select fluid ones which contain luminous particles. It will provide you fresh and wrinkles free.


3. “Overusing mascara on the lower lashes.”

If you put too much mascara on your upper and lower eyelashes, it will show off the wrinkles around your eyes, which will get everyone’s attention. So use the light mascara on the top lashes.


4. “Selecting the wrong lipstick tone.”

Lipstick can change you all overlook. You should try the dark tone and rich color lipsticks. But make sure that if your lips are narrow, then you should avoid the dark tone lipsticks. The Dark color lipsticks make your lips look thinner.


5. “Applying dark eyeshadows the wrong way.”

Don’t use eyeshadow all over your eyelid area. It will make you look older. Use the eyeshadow only on the outer corners of your eyelid.


6. “Overusing lower lid eyeliner.”

Instead of using eyeliner on the lower side of your eye, use the makeup pencil to give the counter effect to your eyes.


7. “Putting rouge on the apples of your cheeks.”

Use the light colors on your cheeks like pale pink or peach. Apply blush to the upper part of your cheeks. Don’t apply blush on the central part of your cheeks. Put the rouge on the apples of your cheeks. When you were younger, you would use the highlight colors on the apples of your cheeks. But when you become mature she should use the light colors on the apples of your cheeks.


8. “Highlighting your eyebrows too much.”

If you enlarge and darkens your eyebrow, it makes your eyes look aged and unkempt. Ever use the light colors to highlight your eyebrows than the natural color of your eyebrows. It will look better.


9. “Neglecting to use corrector.”

Many people have the problem of dark circles under their eyes. As we grow older, these dark circles highlight more under your eyes. Don’t use concealer over the dark circles. Instead, use corrector just on the area of dark circles and spread it thinly.


10. “Forgetting to shade your lip lines.”

The lipliner makes the successful makeup. You should be perfect for applying the lipliner to your lips. Use the lip liner in the direction of the center of your lips.



“So many other mistakes.”

There are some more mistakes of makeup done by many of us that are shown in this video.


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