The biggest mistakes by the show 13 reasons why


Today in this modern scenario, it is very popular seeing people committing suicides out of some mental stress. We normally see a case of one or two daily in the newspapers. But I never understand what their this step will land to. But at the top of everything life is precious. To realize this motive among people, the famous show “13 reasons why” have been made which is based on the novel”13 reasons why ” by Jay Asher.

This story revolves around a young girl, Hannah Baker, a girl who committed suicide after suffering a series of demoralizing circumstances. Abox of cassette tapes recorded by her before taking her own life tells 13 reasons why did so.
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The show became a talk of the day and tried hard to implement their motive which was to tell people that suicide is never an option. They should try hard to deal with the situations instead of running away from it.  But talking about the show in a deep sense, we shall realize that the show was not able to serve its requisite purpose. Here are some of the things where the show made many mistakes.

Mental Health Issues

When a person is subjected to such frustrating situations, he suffers from anxiety and mental depression but in the show, we can’t find Hannah dealing with these emotions. I mean we know that all these became so worse for her that she gave her life but we can’t find her dealing with stress or any such other emotions.

It is known that the makers of the show wanted to tell that suicide is not an option and rather there are other alternatives for the things. But I wonder where this motive is implemented. Because we cannot see any other option they tell in the show. To depict their motive, they could have told about the other safe options but they didn’t and thus it is rather appealing someone to suicide rather than stopping him to do so.

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