The Best Sleeping Positions To Avoid The Heath Problems


We all should have at least a sleep of 8 hours every night. This can only be done when you leave your computers and smartphones in a separate room. The person should not consume any meal or alcohol 4 hours before going to sleep.

If you turn off your phones and eats dinner early, it will give you the restful sleep at night. Your way of sleep also put an effect on your health. Your postures of sleeping constitute the quality of your sleep and to your health. Your lousy sleeping postures can alleviate many health issues.

We have made the list of such problems that are connected with the ways or postures of your sleeping.


1. Back pain

You may notice that in the Yoga classes the instructor recommend those with back issues to place your yoga block under the curve of their back before trying an asana. In the same way, it also works while sleeping. The medical websites suggest you for lying flat while sleeping to avoid back pain. You can also place a small cushion under your knees. It is best to sleep flat to reduce the back pain.


2. Shoulder pain

To avoid this problem, you have to make sure that your knees and thighs are parallel to your pillow.


3. Sinus infection

This problem tends to get worse overnight. It happens when your head is at the same level of your body. To avoid this problem use more and more soft pillows.


4. A headache

After you go to sleep and wake up with a headache, The common worst problems such as cold and headache which you mostly experience while sleeping. To avoid these problems try to surround your head with pillows to prevent the twisting of your neck. The twisting of the neck results in a severe headache in the morning. You can also use an air towel pillow to prevent the twisting of the neck and to avoid the pain and unconscious movements while sleeping.


5. PMS

It is so tempting to sleep with straight back when you are going through PMS. Lie flat on your back after taking the pain medication and place a pillow under your knees. This will also help in reducing the cramps and the pain to the large extent.


6. Blood pressure

If you lie on your belly, it will help you to get low the blood pressure. And this should be accompanied by your doctor’s medicines. This posture is quite comfortable try it once. And you will love it.


7. Digestive issues

As we know stomach is on the left side of the body, so with logic, if we sleep on the left side of the body it will provide you with the better digestion. Let’s go for an experiment with pillows, and the posture of your legs and the hands to be more comfortable.


8. Neck pain

Neck pain is the common problem in every one of us including the school going kids. For such problem, lie straight on your back and place a rolled hand towel under your neck. You can also try with putting additional small pillows under your back and knees to be more comfortable.


9. Heartburn

With sleeping on the left side, digestive issues are solved in the same it can also relax you from the heartburn. Try to sleep on the left side of your body. If not possible to sleep continuously for the night then make a wall with the pillows on your right side of you so that you sleep comfortably on the left side.

While sleeping, it’s not the quantity of the sleep, but quality also matters.


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