The Basic Tricks Which Can Make The Women Look Slimmer Just In 2 Minutes

Every women’s dream is to look slim and stunning. Each woman internalizes some ideal body type that they think of as attractive and potentially a different body type that other people or particularly the people whom they want to find attractive. It’s not possible to keep ourselves in perfect shape always. But there have been times when a woman wants to look great and have only a few minutes to do so. For these occasions, there are the most effective tricks that will help her look brilliant almost instantly.

  1. Choose comfortable footwear

Try wearing shoes that are similar to the skin color like beige, nude, brown or whichever color is closest to the color of the legs. This is the major factor that helps in making legs look longer and body slimmer. This further elongates the appearance. In case a woman is wearing pants or tights, she should choose shoes of a similar color to what she is wearing. This trick works because it visually adds length to the legs and our legs look taller by few inches.  To avoid shoes with ankle straps works more as it makes the legs look shorter than they are. Also, in summer months when it’s too hot to wear stockings women should prefer wearing nude color shoes. These shoes work with all colors dresses and also make legs look taller.

2. Get rid of  the clothes that are too small or too big

To look and feel the best, women should know how to dress for her body. Women have many different bodies; these clothing choices should always be considered if she wants to appear slender. Women shouldn’t buy things of smaller or bigger size. Such clothes will only highlight the flaws and will visually add some pounds. The outfit should fit the women, and it should highlight what she wants it to while hiding any flaws at the same time.

3. Always keep your back straight

To look magnificent and have smaller waist a woman needs to possess a good posture. A woman should understand that slouching is a bad habit since it not only makes the women look shorter and wider, but it can also cause health problems. To avoid such problems women should always remember to hold the back straight and keep the buttocks a bit tensed. Imagine that a string was coming up from the top of your head and is pulling you gently up. Sleeping on your back will help keep your shoulders straight.

4. Learn basic contouring techniques

Contouring is another major factor that influences the body size of a woman. Rather It makes a face look more narrow and helps in hiding a double chin. The face can look graceful by using dark and light tones correctly. The key rule to make sure that is to darken everything that a woman wants to hide and to lighten everything that she wants to highlight. Most important part to remember is the order of application. First, use a highlighter, and then apply the darker tones. Also, don’t forget that the edges should be invisible. Always remember to apply bright makeup with caution. For example, red lipstick highlights the chin and jaw lines.

5. Make your skin tone a bit darker

Extra pounds and cellulite can become less visible in case the skin is looking more tanned. The best alternative is a bronzer. There are simple rules that women must follow:

  • Firstly, clean the skin and use a body scrub. Then, moisturize the skin with a special cream.
  • In case of dry skin, a smooth sponge can be more effective instead of a scrub. Moisturize the skin several times and pay precise attention to the knees and elbows.

6.  Choose the right fabrics

Women shouldn’t buy clothes made of rough materials or clothes that are too tight. Try avoiding square silhouettes and angular lines as they’ll only draw attention to any problem areas. Clothes made of smooth and flexible fabrics always help in covering up flaws. Choosing the right fabrics for the wardrobe can not only help a woman look like she has shed 10 pounds, but is also a great way to flaunt her body features and stay comfortable.


7. Pick the right accessories

Tight scarves and turtlenecks help in overburdening the overall image. Women can just put a scarf and loosen it to be able to tuck it under a belt or a strap. Necklines that are round or V-shaped are the best option. Also, leaving 2-3 buttons unbuttoned near the neck zone gives an attractive look. Long necklaces that aren’t bulky and small stud earrings will work a lot as they lighten the neck and underline the decollete zone.


8. Don’t underline your problem areas

We mostly see that the girls try to hide their problem area by covering it excessively. This results in the opposite of the desired effect since these areas just end up attracting more attention. For example, if a woman doesn’t like the way her hips look, she shouldn’t wear jeans with big pockets or any print or illustrations.  Less the attention is given to the problem area; better the overall appearance will be.


9. Consult your hair dresses

Voluminous and bouffant hairstyles bring imbalance to the look. A woman should make sure that she gives preference to the medium length haircuts or shoulder-length bobs. Short haircuts look good when the neck is hidden under hair and hair near the ears is a bit lengthened. It’s also recommended to avoid hairstyles that are a bit too creative. In case a woman does not want to give up her long hair, then she should try to add some volume to the hair above her shoulders.

Long and straight hair doesn’t usually suit plump girls. Such hairstyles emphasize problem areas.

10. Use shapewear

Shapewear helps women look slimmer and fit as it gives women the opportunity to look great in almost anything they want to wear. It’s beneficial not only for the women with excess weight but also for women who wish to hide cellulite or creases in the belly and hip areas. Shape wears can merely smooth out the silhouette underneath clingy materials, which is useful for women of all sizes. But a woman shouldn’t wear it too often use shapewear only for special occasions.

Extremely tight shape wears can even damage muscles and organs. Avoid wearing shapewear that is uncomfortably tight.



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