The Basic Mascara Mistakes Which You All Might Be Making

The key to a beautiful self is simplicity. If you admire easy and straightforward makeup as much as I do, mascara is a must! It’s the most common product used but often used in a wrong way too.

Have a look at some common mistakes people make:

You Pump the Wand

Every time you pump in the wand several times just because it’ll add more mascara, remember that it won’t. It just adds air bubbles which in turn dries out the formula faster. Here’s what you can do, for coating your brush evenly with the pigment, swirl it on the insides of the bottle instead.

You’ve Pulled Out too Much Pigment on the Wands

Clumps! Annoying those clumsy clusters! Pulling out the wand with too much pigment is the culprit of clumps. To avoid this, after you’ve pulled out your wand, swirl it around the inside of the tube out, against the tube’s opening to remove clumps if any present.

You’re Not Hitting Both Sides of the Lashes

One common mistake we all make is not to apply the mascara on both sides of the lashes. We limit the mascara to the underside of the lashes. But for darker, fuller lashes, start swiping the tops, too. It will create a lot of difference in your look, especially if your lashes are light-colored.

You’re Rushing Through it

No, this doesn’t mean you have to take out extra five minutes for this! All we are asking for is few seconds; ten should be fine. To get a longer lasting lift, hold the wand at the base of your lash for a tiny bit longer than you usually do,

You’re Using Only One Kind of Mascara

If your goal for longer, fuller and curlier lashes, then we say you should opt for more than one mascara base. You should layer it with different kinds of formulas. No, this doesn’t mean you should go for seven types, Two is perfect. For example, use a volumizing formula based mascara for the first coat and lengthening one for the finish.

You’re Still Using the Old Mascara

If you see more of the mascara flecks on your face, it’s time to change your mascara. That’s because your mascara has most probably dried out and needs a replacement. Also, you should be swapping your tube out every three to six months. It will introduce you to a cleaner, clump-free, freedom from those annoying flakes.

You’re Overdoing It

There were cases when you lost in the depth of mascara’s pigment; you forget to apply it gently. You might apply multiple layers of the mascara that can make your lashes look funny and heavy. For best results, apply just one or two swirls.

You’re Wearing Waterproof Mascara Regularly

Waterproof sounds amazing. No worries about the smudge or ruining the look. Just a stroke and the best result. But as the name suggests, it was waterproof and confined to the occasion of exposure to water. Regular usage of a waterproof mascara damages your eyelashes.

You Curl Your Eyelashes After Applying Mascara

Another common mistake that we all do is to curl our lashes after we’ve applied the mascara. It could be the worst disaster of your life. A wet lash gets stuck to the curler and ruins your look altogether.


I hope you identified your mistakes and Do not intend on doing it again!




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