Superb Self Defense Techniques For Women, Recommended By Victor Lyalko

The Russian martial artist, Victor Lyalko has written a book on female self-defense. He has explained well that how women can protect themselves against a male attacker. We are providing you the seven best tricks at our site to defend against male attackers.


1. Make yourself familiar with the weak spots

If you know the weak spots of the attacker, then you do not have to worry about the attack. It does not matter how strong the attacker is in front of you. You just need to focus on his weak points. You have to focus on attacker’s eyes, nose, throat, chest, knees, and groin region which will give you the chance to get the attacker down. You can do any move to protect your self, but the only thing is that attack on the weak points of the attacker.


2. Simple moves are usually the more effective

There is no need to take the training of various fighting arts like Kung-fu, Tae, etc. You can protect yourself against the attacker using a few simple techniques like by grabbing the fingers of the attacker and bending them in the opposite direction. And also by jabbing them with your fingers in their throat. These simple techniques will help you to escape from them.


3. If you are grabbed from the front

Your main aim should be to attack at groin region of the attacker. Though simple punch or kick can make you able to escape sometimes, it’s difficult to use your hands or legs because the attacker grabs you from the front. In such case, you can “use your hands as fists to create some space between you and the attacker. Then make use of your forehead to head-butt the attacker in the face and quickly¬†follow it up with a knee to attacker’s groin to shut them.”

If there is enough space between the attacker and you, then you can use your hands to protect yourself. You have to “push the attacker with your left palm to create enough space between you and the attacker to strike him with your right hand on the nose or throat.”


4. How to free your hands

If the attacker has grabbed you by his hands, then you can make use of “rule of thumb.” The rule of thumb is “rotating your arm to the side of the thumb of the attacker is a great way to weaken the attacker’s grip on your arm.”

Once your arm comes under the arm of the attacker, then pull it strongly to free it from attacker’s hold.


5. If you are grabbed from behind

There may be a case when the attacker grabs you from the behind. It’s easy for them to grab you without holding your hands and also you would unable to push away from them. In such a condition, you can bend down and can try your hands from the back to hit the attackers. In case, if you are unable to do so, then wait for a while till they bring their one leg forward to maintain their hold. You have to take it as an opportunity to grab them from their leg and then pull their leg upward. In this way, the attackers will lose their balance.


6. If you are grabbed from the side

If the attacker grabs you from the side, then hit them on the nose, throat or jaw. Once you create the distance between both of you, then strike the attacker to the chest to disorient them. In this situation, make the use of elbows and knees to strike the attackers.


7. If you are pressed against a wall

There is the situation when the attacker would push you against a wall. In such a case, jab the attacker in the chest with your hands when his both the arms are up. If his only one arm is up then attacking him in his face or throat. In such situation use your forehead to attack him.



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