Superb Benefits Of Vitamin-E For Your Health and Body


Vitamin-e is such a drug which can treat any problem related to your health and body.

“Uses of Vitamin-E Oils”

1. Skin Benefits

  • Acts as a moisturizer

It helps in restoring the dehydrated skin.

What you need:

1. Vitamin-E oil

2. Any moisturizer

What you need to do

Mix a little Vitamin-E with the moisturizer lotion and apply this mixture to your whole body before going to bed before sleep.

Why does it work

Vitamin-E is heavier than water-soluble products because it is an oil-soluble nutrient. It is best for dry skin because it restores the lost moisture from your skin.


  • Reverses premature skin aging

Vitamin-E hinders all the chances of your skin from becoming wrinkled, dull, and saggy.



  • Treats sunburn

Vitamin-E also helps to recover your body quickly from sunburn.

What you need

Vitamin-E oil

What you need to do

Apply the few drops of vitamin-e oil on the burnt area and rub it gently.


  • Lightens dark spots

Vitamin-e oil is also known for lightening the dark spots.

What you need

Vitamin-e capsules and moisturizer

What you need to do

Break the capsules and add to the moisturizer. Apply it daily on the dark spots.


  • Acts as a cleansing agent

Vitamin-e oil also acts as a cleansing agent.

What you need to do

Put few drops of oil on the cotton ball and wipe your face with it.


  • Heals dry fingernails

Vitamin-e oil heals the dry, cracked cuticles, and nails.

What you need to do

Massage your dry and cracked cuticles and nails with the few drops of vitamin-e oil.


  • Treats stretch marks

Vitamin-e oil is good for the post delivery because it helps to treat the stretch marks.

What you need to do

Gently apply this oil to the stretch marks and rub the area gently. It will help to reduce the marks.


  • Soothens pains from cold sores

Vitamin-e oil is also known for soothes the pain of cold sores.

What you need to do

Break the vitamin-e capsule and directly apply it to the area.


2. Hair Benefits

  • Stimulates hair growth

Vitamin-E oil stimulates hair growth and also repairs the damaged hair follicles.

What you need

Vitamin-E capsules

Coconut oil or olive oil

What you need to do

Break the capsules of vitamin-e and mix the material with coconut oil or olive oil. Now massage your hair and scalp with this mixture. Leave it for half an hour and then rinse it off with lukewarm water.

Why does it work

The antioxidants present in the vitamin-e oil improves the circulation of blood in our body including the scalp. Due to which it ensures the healthy hair growth.


  • Prevents premature graying

Vitamin-E oil helps in slow down the aging process. So it also prevents premature graying of your hair.

Why does it work

The antioxidants present in Vitamin-E oil prevent the corrosion of tissues, so it prevents the premature graying of hair.


  • Gives lustrous hair

It also acts as a conditioner for your hair. You can be oiling your hair with Vitamin-E oil on a regular basis. This oil brings shine to your hair.

Why does it work

It is the natural moisturizer which helps in keeping your scalp in the good condition. You can also use Vitamin-E oil directly as the conditioner which makes your hair smooth.


  • Repairs split ends

Due to the constant blow drying, curling, and coloring, the split ends, and other damages take place in your hair. These are the common problems related to hair. Vitamin-E can treat these problems at home.

What you need

3 ounces of olive oil,

3 ounces of coconut oil,

3 ounces of hemp oil,

3 ounces of jojoba oil,

2 ounces of Vitamin-E oil.

What you need to do

Mix all the first four oils well and make a mixture. Now add Vitamin-E oil into it. You can apply this as hot oil to your hair.

Why does it work

This oil strengthens the cuticles of the hair, so it treats the split ends.


3. Health Benefits

  • Treats minor burns

Vitamin-E oil can also be used to treat the minor burns.

What you need to do

Put a few drops of Vitamin-E oil on the cotton and gently apply it on the burnt area. You have to make sure that your burn area has cooled down before you apply oil to it. And repeat the process for few days.

Why does it work

This oil has curative powers. This oil helps in healing the wounds which are caused due to small burns.


  • Lighten scars

Using Vitamin-E is the best treatment for the scars which happens due to burn or acne.

What you need to do

Apply a few drops of the Vitamin-E oil on the scars which you get because of the burn or acne. And gently massage the oil over the scars in the circular motion.

Why does it work

The Vitamin-E oil will emerge deep into your skin to repair the scars and lightens them.


  • Prevents skin cancer

Vitamin-E also prevents the skin cancer.

What you need to do

Add few drops of Vitamin-E oil in your sunscreen that you use. And apply the lotion before heading outside.

Why does it work

The antioxidants present in the Vitamin-E oil acts as a protective shield against the harmful rays of the sun which causes skin cancer.


  • Treats other skin disorders

Vitamin-E also treats the skin disorders like psoriasis and eczema.

What you need to do

For the quick recovery apply Vitamin-E oil twice a day on the affected skin areas.

Why does it work

It restores the elasticity of your skin. The skin starts regenerating with Vitamin-E oil. It’s very good for skin disorders.


  • Reduces the effects of bad cholesterol

The Vitamin-E oil in the diet supports the heart which ensures a long and healthy life.

Why does it work

The bad cholesterol causes the heart to pump much harder for the circulation of blood which increases the risk of heart attack. Vitamin-E oil neglects this problem in the arteries.


  • Treats cystic fibrosis in babies

Vitamin-E also fights for the effects of disorders like cystic fibrosis which results in a pancreatic blockage.

What you need to do

You have to include Vitamin-E supplements in your child’s diet daily to prevent this problem.

Why does it work

These supplements help in maintaining proper weight and prevent the pancreatic blockage that results from the deficiency.


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