Stormi Webster Pulls Kylie Jenner’s Hair In Cutest Snapchat Video Must Check


We all know that Kylie Jenner does not post any of the pics of Stormi’s face on any site of social media. There was a time when the pics of Stormi had became the most liked pics on Instagram. But once one of the fans of Kylie had commented about Stormi after which Kylie had stopped posting Stormi’s pics on Instagram. And it is scarce that she posts Stormi pic on social media. Even she had deleted all the pics of Stormi’s face on her Instagram.  And after that, it had become scarce that she post any of her pic or video with Stormi


But on 11th of July, she had blessed all of her fans with a rare treat. She had posted a video on tender snapchat in which Stormi was also seen, And she was looking so cute that the hearts of all of us were melted into a puddle. In that tender snapchat video, Kylie was seen kissing and nuzzling her sweet baby girl, Stormy. And Stormi was found pulling on her mama’s hair.

The video had made all of her fans very excited. All were loving that video. They all were enjoying to see more of the baby girl, Stormi. And all the fans rushed to Twitter to make Kylie aware about their excitement. One of her excited fans had said, “In an infinite loop of the snaps of Kylie with the baby girl, Stormi, very cute, aaaaah!!!”

Another fan had agreed with the statement by saying, “Kylie posted a snap of Stormi pulling on her hair or kissing her and now I want a baby, but I am not a billionaire so.”  And also that Kylie is showing more of Stormi’s face, and we all are loving it. There is no doubt that the fans are enjoying that vide and they are not able to control themselves to show their love for that video.

Stormi is a charming girl and all the fans of Kylie love to see her pic. And when one of her pics comes out, then it is evident that all the fans will get very excited. There was a time when Kylie had not posted even a single photo of her while she was pregnant. But there was a reason behind this. She did not want to make herself, and her baby tensed. So, she decided to keep it a secret from the media.

And when baby girl Stormi come, then Kylie had posted a video on YouTube in which she had felt sorry about all this, and she had revealed that she did not want that her baby would get any stress. And she had said that all of her real fans would understand that why she had done so.

But when the baby girl Stormi had arrived, she was not able to control herself to post the pics of Stormi on Instagram. But then suddenly she took down all of her photos from the Instagram. And the correct reason behind this is still unclear. It might be due to the paternity speculation, may be due to the criticism, or may be due to something else.

And now Kylie is giving her fans more glimpses here and there, but you cannot take them for granted. That is because after removing the photos, Kylie still faces constant comeback for her parenting. Kylie has to travel so much. she has so much work to do that she cannot easily find a break. But she has her cute little daughter Stormi. Her baby girl Stormi is the reason that takes her mind-off from her busy schedule.

Kylie is very happy for her daughter Stormi. And why not. She is so small, but still, she is catching so much attention from her fans. In fact, she already had made some of her fans. And we all love to see Stormi on social media. She is so sweet that she melts our heart whenever Kylie make her appearance on the social media. And many of us want Kylie to post v\back the photos of Stormi’s face on the social media.

And after such a time when she had posted one of her videos with Stormi, then it was apparent that all of her fans would show their love that video.



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