Amazing Summer Makeup Tricks to keep Safe Your Skin

Its the month of March and the season of summer has arrived. You have to take care of your skin especially in summers. Yes, it is difficult to apply something in summers because the weather is too hot to handle. But don’t worry guys.Here are some of the tricks which will surely help you and will keep you safe from all the skin damage.

! Moisturise

Using moisturizer in summer may sound stupid, but it works. I know in summer you sweat a lot. But sweating removes all the moisture from the skin, and hence you need moisture for your skin. Moreover, it also unlocks all your pores of the skin. So to protect your skin, you need to moisturize it and applying a moisturizer is a perfect idea.

2 Primer

To balance your skin tone and to provide it a proper texture use of a primer is not a bad idea. It is a necessary thing to use in summers. You need not apply a compact for a shiny skin all you can do is use a primer instead. Don’t take tension. It will not block your pores, and hence your skin will not get damaged at all.

3 Change your Foundation

You should use powder foundation in summers. Using powder before a primer is a good idea. Your foundation will stay for a longer time. No doubt cream based foundations are best to use, but in summer this case is not right. And moreover, when you will use powder foundation, it can quickly go with your whole day. You need to worry.

4 Less is more

In summers the temperature is very high so try to use all the makeup kinds of stuff as less as possible Because in any way it will harm your skin. Be it a foundation, cream or moisturizer apply it in minimal quantity on your skin. Take care of your skin.

5 Ditch the shimmer

Avoiding glimmer in summers is a good idea. Your skin will surely sweat in summers not matter which makeup you apply. And if you use flicker for your skin, you will sweat even more under the sun. So it is adviced not to use flash in this hot season.

6 Save the deep colors for other seasons

ALong with makeup tips you also need to have some fashion tips. Your dressing sense should be like you should wear bright colors. Avoiding dark colors in summer is a good idea. Dark colors such as black is a good absorber of heat and hence it will absorb more heat, and you will sweat more. So summer is the season of bright colors.

7 Make your eyeshadow last longer

Applying eyeshadows in summers is also a difficult job because it does not stay long especially in summers. Well, you can use an eye primer before using eyeshadow. Apply eye primer on your skin evenly and then use eyeshadow and then see the result. No matter your skin is oily or something your eyeshadow will now stay longer.

8 Switch up your blush

In summers you need to apply foundations multiple times in a single day and using blush to make them last is a good idea. You can use stains and gel blushes to make them last longer, and you need to apply it then so many times.

9 Blot every time

In summer you must have blotting paper or soft wipes always with you. Because you sweat so much and to remove excess makeup you need that paper so that your pores are open and you allow your skin to breathe. After using the wipes, you can again give a little bit touch to your makeup. It will not harm your skin, and your makeup will also last longer.

10 Waterproof everything

Using waterproof products like eyeliner, kajal, Kohl, mascara, etc. is the best products in summer to use. Because when you will sweat your makeup will also be affected. And you cannot give a touch to your makeup all the times. So using waterproof products is a safer idea.

These are some of the makeup tips you need to keep in mind. Tell us about your views in the comment section.


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