Some Makeup Tricks which You Should Fit In Your Mind To get It Perfect

Every girl wants to be perfect for her makeup. There are many makeup tricks which help a girl with the perfect makeup. For all these methods you should have the necessary knowledge about your skin tone so that you can use the correct base and concealer. Concealer is the best to use for hiding the dark circles and pores on your skin.

We are here with many basic tricks for the makeup. You should know how to enlarge your eyes and make your lips look fuller. So, let’s have a look at the tricks of makeup so that you can avoid many mistakes and get the perfect makeup.


1. “Enlarge your look.”

Sometimes it happens that our eyes look smaller than usual. It happens because you are tired and did not get enough sleep. You can get out of this problem by using white eyeliner on your eyes. The white eyeliner makes your eyes look bigger, the skin tone eyeliner makes your eyes look larger, and the black eyeliner makes your eyes look smaller. Accordingly, you can use different colored eyeliners.


2. “Avoid hurting yourself with the sharp tip.”

Our eyelids are very sensitive. If we use too much sharp pencil, it hurts our eyelids. So, keep your eye pencil on the flame of the candle for some time and let it warm little up. Now put the pencil down to cool it up and then use it. It will soft and not hurt your eyelid.


3. “No more mascara with lumps.”

Sometimes you apply thick mascara on your eyelashes, or it dries and makes a lump on your eyelashes. For this, you have to heat up the mascara bottle. Take warm water in a glass and before applying the mascara put the mascara bottle in it. If you heat it more than the requirement, then this will provide the suitable environment for the bacterial growth.


4. “Achieving the perfect cat eye.”

To get the perfect eye makeup, follow the steps in the above picture. You can also use tapes or spoon to get the lines to furnish a cleaner look.


5. “Give more volume to eyelashes.”

You should try to resort usual mask keeping some steps in your mind. The first step is to curl your eyelashes from the base to the ending. Repeat the step two or three times. Then with the same brush comb your lashes and give them a healthy look. At last, dab some baby powder using cotton.


6. “The metallic look is what today.”

There is no necessary to get a new shade from the market to match it with your outfit. We can see a metallic shadow and colorless gloss. Mix both in the container and apply it with a swab. It will give your wet lip look.


7. “Correctly apply the concealer.”

You need to apply skin colored concealer. Place the brush of concealer from top to down and make a triangle between your eyes and cheeks.


8. “Dare to use a different eyeliner.”

You have to make sure that you use the eyeliner contrasting with your eye color. You should use gold or copper colored eyeliner with the blue colored eyes. It will work as the best combination.


9. “Make your face a work of art.”

You should use the right brush for applying different makeup. There are different types of brushes available. You can get an animal or synthetic makeup brushes.


10. “To achieve more populated eyebrows.”

Use the eyebrow pencil matching your tone. It will work as best. Firstly comb your eyebrows and then apply the pencil in the same direction of your hair.


11. “Contouring highlights your features.”

Use the light shades off to your eyes.


12. “Basic shade guide.”

As shown in the above picture, divide your eyes into the four parts. And use the eye makeup according to the different parts of your eye.


13. “For lips with more volume.”

Use the dark lipliner to make your lips fuller. After applying the lipstick brush it and apply gloss at the center to highlight your lips.


14. “For soft, moist lips.”

To remove the dead skin of your lips, massage your lips with sugar and milk.


15. “Give your eyes a boost.”

Use the tea bags to cover your eyes to make them fresh. And after that use blue colored eyeliner on the lower part which can fade the redness on your eyes.




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