Some Hollywood Movies That You Should Watch This Winter and Curl In Your Bed


During winters, we love to sit at our home and have coffee in one hand and the book in another. Sitting in the cozy blanket is one of the most amazing things in the winters. We have some collections for you that you should watch while enjoying in your bedding. These are some romantic comedies which you should watch during winters.

Love Actually

It is a romantic Hollywood movie which you should watch with your loved one. In this movie, love stories of eight couples have shown. This movie shotted in London, England which is a wonderful place for love. All love happened in the month of Christmas. People call Christmas with the name of Love. In this movie, it has shown that people fall in love, then separate, their crushes, heartbreaks, etc. It was just like in real life.

27 dresses

This movie is going to be very interesting if you watch this tonight lying in your bed. Jane is a beautiful, career-oriented and a sweetheart and you will be shocked to know that she has been a bridesmaid 27 times. She met a reporter who is very smart and good looking, and Jane get attracted to her. You have to see the movie to know what happens next.

The Notebook

This movie is about a poor guy and a precious girl.  This story is going to be very romantic as it feels like magic and they stayed together for so long. There are some of the people who already watched this movie, but it doesn’t matter. You would love to watch this movie again and again.

P.S. I love You

It is a story of a girl who lost her husband at a very young age. She is a young widow, and she wanted to give a second chance to her life after reading the letters written by her dead husband. The letters written by her deceased husband were emotional and tearjerker.  Gerrard Butler, Hillary Swank, and Jeffrey Morgan are starring in this movie. It is going to be a very heart touching and sensitive film.

Never Been Kissed

Life is a beautiful thing, and if you want something from it, it surely gives you. In this movie, there is a girl who is a journalist (starring Drew Barrymore), and she wants to live her high school days again. She wanted it from all her heart, and she got the chance to go to high school again for her research project. This movie is going to be fun, and you should believe in the law of attraction. What you desire you will get.


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