Some Beauty Hacks To Apply Lipstick


Makeup has become a trend in the modern world. Some rare girls are seen without makeup. But the question is they don’t know how to make proper use of their cosmetics. Lipstick is also one among the fashion trends, and this lipstick will help you achieve a better goal and will enhance your looks along with your clothes. But the thing is a proper lipstick makes you feel confident, and if you will apply lipstick, but it doesn’t suit you then there is no meaning of implementing it. Lipstick helps to maintain your health and happiness. Many ways can help you from inside out. It arises self-confidence in ones.

But sometimes you feel like your lipstick does not last long and here is a mistake that you make while applying lipstick. And here are the tips which will help you to render your gorgeous look always.



You always need to exfoliate your lips before applying lipstick on your lips. Exfoliation means removing dead skin from your lips. Gently remove the dead skin with your hands or a soft substance such that the moisture of lips would remain for a longer time. This dry skin makes your lips dry earlier and will not retain lipstick for a longer time. This is a crucial step to make oneself sure of it.

Skipping your Lip Balms.

Your lips need to hydrate after removing dead skin from lips. There are many ways to hydrate your lips before applying lipstick, but the simplest way to do such things is to use a small amount of lip balm on your lips before making your lips in contact with the lipstick. Lipsticks help to make you look more beautiful.

Don’t forget to use lip pencils.

Many girls don’t use lip pencil before applying lipstick, but in actual practice, this step is also most important step because it gives a boundary to your lips. It gives shape to your lips which are very important to enhance your looks. And applying a lip pencil doesn’t define that you can use any color with any lipstick. The color should suit your personality as it protects you from bleeding and feathering.

Not setting with powder.

Every girl has a habit of rubbing lips with each other after they apply liquid lipstick on their lips. When you apply lipstick, you need to powder your rims to retain them hydrated for an extended period. Use sufficient amount of powder before applying lipstick. This will help you absorb an adequate amount of moisture on your lips.

Gloss for the setting.

We apply gloss on our lips before applying lipstick just to set a shape of your lips and to retain moisture of your lips, but it will be uneven your lips, and you cannot apply a proper lipstick on your lips, and this will not make you look good.

Layer different products

Apply the same lipstick product that you are using since starting. Because it will give an appropriate look at your lips. Don’t apply different layers of lipstick on the lips because it can flake your looks.

Multiple layers.

One should know the proper use of liquid lipstick because a single layer of liquid lipstick should be applied to your lips and that too with a single swipe. When we apply multiple layers of lipstick it will flake out your lips. You just need to achieve opaque color and can be done with only one coat.

Rubbing your lips.

Don’t rub your lips after applying lipstick because it will fade the color of your lips and spoil your look. Your lips will look chipped and flattered.

Not applying it in the right order.

Apply lipstick in a good manner and a proper shape and try not to rub your lips together with each other.


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