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So, it is breaking new that finally, Game of Thrones has ended its filming at last and now it is genuinely finished forever and ever. So, it is sad news for those who are the fan of Game of Thrones. When the HBO smash show was wrapping up the party which was being taken place last Sunday on the 8th July and then the production continued with some of the cast members for the previous day.

So, filming was cast for the last time was yesterday but we still have the Instagram account of Maisie Williams and we can use that to thank him for such a dreaming series called Game of Thrones which was followed by many of the people in the world.


As all the public that watch this show are expecting that the last scene may be related to Landing set that takes place at King’s home. So, It may happen something else also but anything can happen though.

Even Maisie wrote in his post that he said goodbye to every casting member and he will miss Game of Thrones and says that there is more adventure to come in the way of everyone.

Even we can think of that they are successful in keeping the final season in the wrap and not at all disclosed in any way. So, it is supporting that they want it to be surprising for all. The final season must be blasting of all and would be even remembered of all.


Sophie Turner is the person who remained with Game of Thrones show from the starting and he said to the fans of the Game of Thrones that the last season of the show will be full of blood as all kingdoms would be destroyed and they will watch that last season will be best of all. All should be excited about it and have the thrill in it.

As we cannot expect anything from this show because to continue a story they have killed many of the favorite characters. So, they kept their play.

Now we will talk about the spoilers that were done in Game of Thrones. As in the first season, Ned Stark was chopped from his head and this was more surprising of all.


This character was played by Sean Bean and according to all laws of nature claims the death of the Sean Bean.

But when the not so famous season of the Game Of Thrones called Rains of Castamere episode from the third season and the moment in the episode where all the entire family which also include a pregnant woman and even also were the slaughtered at that wedding, and there we thought not to have any of the favorite characters that we made till the second season.

It was like we were correct of all in the mantra as that Turner also revealed 8th season would be more of death and blood that means more interesting, but simultaneously it will be more emotionally torturous than ever it was in past seven seasons.

When reporters spoke to Gold Derby and then she said that every character of the show are coming together in the last episode and they are coming together to fight will all their strength in that impending doom. So, this could be the best of all.

She also said that the last episode is full of blood and there is the battle between the people think better so for their rights. We will see some small groups which consist of fighting with each other. Everything is very torturing and emotional too.

But again John Snow thinks that God knows everything that will happen in the future. But the fan following of Snow would break their heart when the Game of Thrones get over then he would cut his hair soon.

He talk to his guardian out of the show named Game Of Thrones that when he would get out of the show then he would enjoy himself with obscurity and would love to cut his hair and then make himself recognizable as same as the character he played in Game of Thrones and will do  some other of the things with some other completely a different look ever and different tone also.

He will also have some beard which would be harder so not to get rid of from him. He would also like having some of the long hair and even the beard both, but it would seem like a ritualistic thing. He also added that he could not go into another role which has the same looks. For him, this role was best, but he needs to get rid of the character.

So, this was all about Game of Thrones ending episode information, and most of you must have enjoyed as it is the last show and it will be the most thrilling of all.



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