Signs That Indicate That We Don’t Drink Enough Water Daily

Is there anything more refreshing than a glass of water? Can a pure glass of water be more satisfying than a cup of coffee or a can of soda? Is water necessary? How exactly does it help?

We know that our body is made up of 60 percent of water and it is required to regulate body temperature and maintain bodily functions and is essential in all the cells, organs and tissues of the body.

Despite the fact that these many people don’t drink enough water on a daily basis. Depriving ourselves of the world’s most natural resource, we are continuously damaging our bodies. Our body loses water through breathing, sweating and digestion, so it is essential to hydrate the body by drinking water and eating foods that contain water.

1. Uncontainable Thirst

We continuously lose body fluid throughout the day, and if we do not replenish the fluids lost it can result in the dry mouth because there is not enough fluid to produce saliva. Dry skin is caused due to lack of moisture, and you could develop dry eyes due to decreased tear production. The body needs water to lubricate your mouth, skin and help you see clearly.

2. Passing Concentrated Urine

The color of urine is probably the most visible sign and a standard indicator of whether we are hydrated or not. Urine contains waste if it is more concentrated and dark. Water helps in flushing out toxins and eliminating waste resulting in urine that has pale or transparent yellow color. This faint yellow color indicates that our body is hydrated.

3. Wrinkled Skin

Women mostly rely on moisturizers to keep their body soft and smooth. They pay high prices to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles. Instead of spending money on various treatments women should increase their water intake. Sometimes your skin is oily, that does not mean it is hydrated, your skin could still lack moisture. Dehydration can lead to itching, irritation and sensitive skin. The best way to revitalize the skin is to nourish it with water.

4. Craving And Hunger

At times you feel like you are hungry, all you need to do is drink enough water. It could be thirst causing rumbling inside the stomach. Dehydration has adverse effects on the body as it slows down the metabolism and ability to burn fat. When we are dehydrated a vital part of the brain that controls our nervous system may confuse thirst with appetite. To lose fat and maintain weight make sure you are consuming an adequate amount of water.

5. Fatigue

When you don’t drink enough water, the body will attempt to reabsorb water from all the tissues to compensate for the loss of fluid. When you are dehydrated blood volume decreases, making you feel tired. In this case, the heart has to work harder to push the oxygen and nutrients to the body. You find it difficult to focus on any task when you are dehydrated. Prefer consuming coffee if you have fatigue issues.

6. Muscle Soreness And Cramps

When we sweat during any exercise, it can lead to a drop in sodium levels. Once we start to lose water, after a high-intensity of sweat session, the body has to arrange itself where the remaining fluid in the body should let go out. Our muscles become sensitive if they aren’t surrounded by enough water and sodium, causing involuntary muscle contractions or spasms.

7. Increased Heart Rate And Shock

Loss of water or dehydration can cause shock. Blood is made of 90 percent of water. Dehydration causes strain on your heart. Blood volume circulating throughout our body decreases when we are dehydrated. To compensate this heart beats faster thereby increasing heart rate.

8. A headache

If you are suffering from a headache than instead if grabbing the painkillers, try reaching for a glass of water. Our brain comprises 80 percent water and when you are dehydrated brain tissue loses water causing brain shrinkage and pain. Dehydration lowers blood flow and oxygen to the brain which results in dilated blood vessels in the brain that increase inflammation.




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