See What Your Walking Styles Indicate About Your Health Conditions.


Walking may seem to be a straightforward procedure, but in actual, it is a complicated process. As it is a very automatic process, we don’t see the complexity in it. The skeletal and nervous systems of the body are also involved in this activity. There are also many beliefs associated with one’s style of walking. The dominant positions, the pace of walking, the method of walking all reflects your personality. Do you know your walking style also reflects about your health condition? Yes, here we mention about seven quirks that reveal your health conditions, past injuries and your state of mind.

1. Springing Gait


The woman wearing high heels look so adorable and beautiful. But have you noticed their springing calves? Yes, people, those who do not stretch appropriately after work out develop stiff calf muscles. It may lead to spring like motion in your walk. Not correcting it at the right time may lead to ankle or knee injury. Hence, you should go for proper stretching to make your calves flexible. Also, try to avoid heels for the extended period.

2. Smaller Steps

When you put your foot forward if your knees straighten up, then your knees are healthy, but if you are unable to do this, it might be because of some knee injuries. It may lead to smaller stride. In such a case, there are high chances of knee and hip injuries for which you should consult your doctor soon. If you want to avoid complications, you should not neglect it as it can lead to back pain even.

3. Snail pace troll

A person’s stride can tell about his moods, yes if she is walking with constrained arm movements, is taking short and slow steps with the vertical motion of the head, there are high chances that he is going through depression or a tough phase of life. You can help to change their moods if you walk along with them speeding their pace. Hence, walking fast can render them in improving their attitudes.

4. Slapping the foot

With the sound of one’s footsteps, we usually find the person to be reckless. But we should not judge the person like this. It may be because he is suffering from the pinched nose, multiple sclerotizes, back or muscle problem. Instead of putting their foot forward, they slap it down. This may be because of some neurological or muscular issues.

5. Leaning while walking

You may have thought after seeing a man leaning down while moving up or down the staircase that he is drunk. You might be wrong here. It may be due to the head injury that he is not able to balance himself because of dizziness. It may make him lean on one side.

6. Stiff hands

Typically, when our left leg moves forward, our right-hand works as a stabilizer and moves forward. This is the case if you have a healthy body and thus, your arms and legs synchronize. But if this is not the case or if the amplitude of the arm swing is very less, you need to consult your doctor. It may occur due to any neurological or orthopedic problems.

7. Limping and locking knees

A healthy person can put the whole body weight on either of the legs. But if you can’t do so, it would result in limping. It may be due to problems like arthritis. If you are limping, be aware, there are high chances of getting knees locked.

It is also advisable to keep your knees little bent rather than keeping it stiff and straight while walking down the staircase. Even when standing straight, avoid locking them too stiffly. Also, you should walk faster as the ones who walk more quickly lead a healthy life. Stay Healthy!


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