Certain small details speak a lot about the personality of a person. There are always some secrets about the way body is shaped.It determines your personality. Only the smart ones can reach up to the unsaid details of a person. This article is about observing the fist shape of a person and knowing about their personality.

Did you know what the bones that form the structure of our fists are? They are carpals, metacarpals, and the phalanges. These are the bone structure that make the structure of our bones. Depending on how they fall into place and create the fold called fist, the shapes are determined.

Here are four types of standard fist shapes and what they say about your personality:

1. Thumb is on the top:

This is the most common type of fist shape in people. This reflects the energetic person you are. You’re an incredibly enthusiastic person. Gaining knowledge is always your priority. Creating impression is essential to you, try to see everything at once. You have a generous nature in you, always helping and reassuring everyone. You are a person who believes in doing more than you say. You are a highly reliable person, and this makes everyone respect you. Appreciation is mostly your way.

2. Thumb is inside:

You are a smart person, but you aren’t very good at making new friends. People around you may get an impression that you are a reserved person who is moody. But in your heart, you’re soft and sometimes even vulnerable. You are a talented person who is extremely open to seeing the root of the problem and solving it eventually. Your decisions are always right. Precision, thoughtfulness is your cup of tea. You don’t like to mess around when you’re having your me time and get anxious when someone tries to do so.


3. Thumb is on the side:

‘Everyone chooses their path,’ is your motto in life. Your oath is a hard one. Practical, earnest and also knowing your worth. Man! You’ve got a strong backbone!

But, you’re often held back by the fear of failure. This stops you from making a bold decision, the only weak side you have. You usually need praise and approval.

Your friends know your worth; your sincerity, reliability, and sharpness.

You create a sense of security and charm around you. You make people feel protected around yourself, therefore making people happy around you.


4. Thumb is turned upward:

Modesty and versatility is your panache. You are a quick thinker and act fast. This offers numerous ideas that might be impossible at first thought. Discovering the world is your dream. Something is nagging about you; you don’t seem to have a high concentration.This is because you like to know it all.

With this much amount of knowledge, you are a kind of encyclopedia. This makes people attract towards you, they value your knowledge and often ask for pieces of advice. Not everyone gets the taste of your experience; only few get that opportunity.


Thumbs are very important when it comes to the functioning of your hands. They also play a crucial role for the same gender couples. They wear rings on their thumbs to signify their interaction with their love interest. If you see a ring on the left thumb, it means they are in a relationship, and if it’s on their right thumb, it signifies they are single. New Information!

Thumb, in general, signifies strength, confidence, courage, and individuality. Every thumb, every hand has it’s own significance.


Analyse the personality of a person with the help of this article. Have a great time knowing people!



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