See what the way of crossing your arms reveals about your personality

The way in which you cross your arms can tell a lot about your personality. Have you ever wondered which arm is above which arm that is either left is above right arm or right is above left arm? The chances how people cross their arms in both the cases is 50-50. Well, a way of passing the arms is natural. They do not think before crossing their arms its natural.

Not only arms were crossing, but hand weavers are also natural. These preferences are very random, and each chooses it when he/she is a child means when they first learn to perform these actions. Studies show that people who cross their arms like left over right they give birth to a child who will pass their arms opposite to them means right over left. But this happens only in 50 percent cases and in rest 50 percent cases child with same preferences are born.

If we say that genetics affect the arms and hands preferences then well this is not true at all.Take the case of twins. Twins are born with opposite arms and hands choices, but according to genetics, they must have same preferences. So this case indicates that genetics is not a reliable factor in stating the preferences. These are natural. So in this article, I have talked about each situation and what your arms preference and hands preference reveals about your personality.

Now observe yourself and check out about your personality

If you cross both your arms

In this case, along with passing your arms, you weave your hands right over left then you are very particular about your first impression. You think deep and critically whenever you are in any problem or before making any decision.

If your left arm is over the right

This means that your right brain works more efficiently than your left mind.

Most left-handed people are in this category.

Profession: You can be a great artist, a good politician, an excellent musician, good athletes.You are very creative and innovative, and hence you can choose your profession according to this.

You are a very emotional person by nature. You are very spiritual too, and you have artistic hands.

Some of the celebrities who are left-handed and who cross their arms left over right are Steve Jobs, Stephen Spielberg, and Picasso.

And now along with these, you weave your hands right over left then you are always ready to solve complex, and tuff issues and your first impression on others is perfect.

If your right arm is over the left

Your left brain is more active than your right mind.

Profession: You can be a great lawyer, researcher, scientist and banker. Try to choose these professions, and you will do good.

You are very hardworking, and success comes to you. You love animals such as cats and dogs. You are very well organized. You work very logically because left brain people believe in logic.

Some of the celebrities whose left brain works more and who cross their arms right over the left are Isaac Newton, Albert Einstien, and Bill Gates.

And your hand is left over right then this states that you are very logical about your decisions. Whenever it comes to broader conclusions, you think very logically. Your first impressions go according to your gut feeling. Your gut feeling is most right in case of your first impression.



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