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You all guys are very much familiar with palmistry. Yes, you guessed it right palm reading! Your hand lines reveal a lot about you. And you all must have tried to read the lines and n doubt you all must know much about your personality according to your palm lines. But what you need to know is along with your hand lines the shape of your hands, and the length of your fingers also reveals a lot about your personality, your attitude, your nature. You all might be shocked, but this is true.Have you wondered what the hand shape of all the people are different because everyone is unique and has a different hand shape and scientist has proved this with evidence too? The way of your hands has been categorized into four categories that are fire, water, earth, and air, and each form is linked to something.

See the picture below and find out which shape is yours and accordingly know about your personality. The image here depicts all the types of hand shapes. The first one is fire; the second one is water, the third one is named earth, and the last one is called air.

# Type-FIre

If your palms are plentiful and your fingers are short, then you fall into this category. It is said that you have a stubborn behavior means you are also very passionate about your goals. You are born to be leaders, not followers. Well, whenever a team needs you-you are always there for them. Means the quality of sportsmanship is there in you. You are always ready to help others no matter what the situation is.

Moreover, you are very good at sports; You are an excellent player. You are also a good entertainer, and you are socially active too.


You have short fingers, and the shapes of your palms are of a square type.

These type of people are very calm and peaceful. They handle each situation very calmly. Moreover, they are very responsible. They know about their responsibilities, and this is outstanding quality in you means you are aware of your goals and your mission in life. Their life is very stable means you do not suffer from so many up-downs. Your life is monotonous.

These type of individuals are very much involved in woodworks They also like activities like landscaping.


The length of fingers is same as the length of palm. The shape of palm can be a rectangle or can be square also.

These type of people are mostly disconnected from people around them. This is because of the reason they overthink sometimes. And this is one of the major problem faced by them. They start thinking about small things, and ultimately they hurt themselves and get detached from others.

They are mostly involved in teaching, and they can become good writers too.


The length of fingers are very long, and the shape of hands are narrow oblong.

These type of people are high musicians. These people have poetic hands. They also like a mystery. Well, they are very much involved in charity work, and they care for people.

They are emotional also. They are romantic too. They are very creative and are adjustable to every situation.

What hand shape do you have? Do you agree with the analysis? Do tell us in the comment section and share your views with us.


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