See How Maddox Jolie-Pit Has Grown Up Through The Years- Son Of Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie


Maddox Jolie had turned 17 now. And he had now grown up with many changes that can be easily seen. But it seems like Angelina had brought him yesterday. He was adopted in 2002 from Cambodia. At that time Angelina was still married to Billy Bob Thornton. But when they had separated from each other after a few months, then Angelina was the only one who had a sign for the adoption papers, so she was the single mother at that time.

Maddox is not the only one who was adopted, in fact, Angelina had also adopted five more children and their names are Shiloh, Zahara, Vivienne, Pax, and Knox. And all of her children are now grown up. And Maddox is now of 17. Many things have changed yet. Like Maddow had turned from a little mother’s hand holding a kid to a teen boy who is having a hint of a mustache. In short, the boy had now grown up.

In 2006, when the names of Maddox and Zahara had changed legally to Jolie Pitt, then Brad had adopted them. And then Brad and Angelina had adopted Pax and also then had their three biological children named Knox, Vivienne, and Shiloh. And then in 2014, they both get married to each other. And the dress of Angelina’s wedding was dressed by her kiddos. It was really a pretty dress.

But then in 2017, Angelina had filed for a divorce to Brad. But this is nothing to shock about because there is always the addition and subtraction in their family. But the very most thing that is beautiful about their family is that Maddox is very close to her mom, Angelina. He is very happy with her. He feels great to have a mother like her. What is going on in their family is the different thing but the actual fact is that Maddox loves her mother a lot.

When he was interviewed for the first time in the last year, then there he was asked about his mother, Angelina Jolie and also for his movie in which he had worked with her named,” First They Killed My Father”.


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