Reduce Your Back Pain With These One-Minute Stretching Exercises.


Back pain is one of the standard things that people suffer from today. While we may talk about the people working at desk jobs, sitting all day stationary in an uncomfortable zone or a child spending 7-8 hours in the school or college, or regularly, we may come across the widespread issue of back pain. In fact, due to these even some companies and organizations provide you with unique arrangements and specialized areas for employees to give them little rest.

In case, your company does not provide you with such solutions, we have brought for you here the answer. Some one-minute exercises will help in strengthening muscles which will help you avoid any future pains. Moreover, as these are short exercises, you can perform tasks at any comfortable place.

Here are some ideal conditions for exercising.

Zone of workout: Any flat or stable surface like the floor or large, sturdy table.

Duration of workout: 1-minute exercises

Best time for a workout: Morning, noon or evening or any time suiting you.

The ideal frequency of workout: you should do it every day.

1. Stretches for strengthening the spine:

These exercises have their primary focus on providing strength to the back and abdominal muscles. These exercises in a correct method can help you feel light and smooth at your back muscles.

Strech 1:


Place your knees on one side, and your head turned in the opposite side. Keep your shoulders fixed downwards to the floor. After keeping this position for 10 seconds, repeat it in the opposite direction. Repeat this four times.

Stretch 2:


Lie with your back on the floor. While stretching the left leg, bend the right one. Tilt the right knee outward while moving your head inwards. Repeat it for the opposite direction. Remember t keep your shoulders fixed all the way. Repeat this exercise 20 times.



Lie on the floor straight. While bending one knee, tilt your head in the opposite direction. Repeat in the opposite direction. Repeat it for ten times.

2. Exercises to strengthen the thoracic spine:

These exercises aim at strengthening the middle back and abdominal muscles. After doing these exercises correctly, you will surely feel very light and comfortable sensation at your lower end.

Exercise 1:


Plank position is the starting position for this exercise. You need to balance your weight on knees rather than on toes. While taking a deep breath in, arch your back. Keep this position for 20-30 seconds while focussing on your breath.

An alternate way: Starting with the starting position, instead of arching your back, you can go for bending your back in the direction of the floor. You have to wait for 20-30 seconds in this position before repeating. Repeat it two times for each variant.

Exercise 2:


Start from the plank position. Keep your knees bent. Arch your back. Lift your one knee and bring it close to your chest trying to make contact with the forehead. Once knee and forehead touch, straighten out the leg. Your head should be parallel o the floor. Return to the initial stage and then repeat it for the other leg. Slowly, you should go for doing it ten times per set.

3.Exercises to strengthen the Lumbar Spine

These exercises target at your abdominal muscles and also benefit your lumbar spine as well. Performing these exercises will help you feel easy at your abs.

Exercise 1:


Lie back on the floor with your knees bent upwards. Your arms should be under your head. Your pelvic area should be on the level. Now, focus on your breathing, With an exhale, lift your rib cage upwards. Repeat it ten times.

Exercise2 :


Lie back with your legs extended. Pull your right knee to left elbow. Then straighten your right knee. Repeat it for the left knee. Repeat it ten times.

So, remember to perform these exercises regularly to get rid of your back pain.


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