Random Thoughts Every Girl Has About Her Boobs!!!! Here Is The Video

1. Why aren’t they both exactly the same size?!
2. Are they lopsided? Okay, no, I was just standing crookedly.


3. Is that a lump?! (Time for a trip to the gynaec, girl.)
4. I’m going to call this one Queen, and this one Bee. #QueenBee (*Laughing in my *)
5. Are they too small?
6. Are they too large?
7. Does this top make it look like I have no boobs?
8. OMG, my boobs look amazing today. Why am I not meeting a hot boy?!
9. Oops, I’m showing too much cleavage! I need a scarf.
10. Hey, boobs, this guy likes talking to you more than to me.

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11. What? Are my boobs SAGGING?!

12. It’s sooo hot today! I wish I didn’t have to wear a bra – boob-jail sucks!


13. Hey, too-tight top, stop trying to smother my boobs.

14. Oh no, I dropped a peanut! It’s stuck – how do I pull it out?!


15. Have my boobs shrunk or has my bra become loose?
17. Argh, I’m freezing. This AC might make people think I’m “excited”.

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