Put your attention over Some Beauty tips to make your beauty stable for the long way


Everyone needs the beauty of their body. We are here with the list of great beauty hack over which you all should pay attention to apply them in your life.


1. “Too lazy to wash your hair? Use a dry shampoo to make your hair oil-free.”

If your scalp is oily, then use a dry shampoo to make your hair oil-free. The most significant advantage of dry shampoo is that the shampoo is best for fighting with grease in your scalp. Because the shampoo is in dry form so it can quickly absorb the oil in your scalp when you apply it on your head. when you have the greasy bangs, it is also helpful as a “spot treater.” The dry shampoo is also useful for extending the life of the blowout.


2. “Repair smudged nail polish using a clear polish.”

We can apply clear nail polish over the smudged nail to repair it. The smudged nail will all be cleared by it. You should try it for one time and will find it straightforward way to fix the smudged nail.


3. “Fix your eyeliner.”

To fix your eyeliner, place your eyeliner over the flame of the candle for the one or two seconds firmly and then take away it from the flame of the candle. Now to remove the excess melted formula from the eyeliner put it on the tissue paper. It’s all the easy way to fix your eyeliner.


4. “Get perfectly shaped eyebrows.”

To get the perfect shape of your eyebrows, place the tweezer at an angle against your cheeks so that it’s in the position that the open end is at the bottom of your nose and the other end of the tweezer is at the outer corner of your eye. The point where the tweezer intersects your brow is the point where your eyebrow your end. So draw it with the eyebrow pencil and then remove the extra hair with Plucker.


5. “Dab excess mascara before applying”

you should make sure that you dab up the extra mascara from the brush before you apply it to your eyes.


6. “Blend your lipliner.”

The blending of lip liner with your lipstick giver the natural soothing look to your lips. It’s the perfect idea to blend the lipliner with your lipstick. And if you apply it separately then it will give your lips an artificial look.


7. “Make your nails long and strong.”

Prepare a mixture of lemon juice and the water. Mix the lemon juice in some warm water and then dip your fingers in the mix for some time. The combination will make your nails shiny and will also remove the unwanted oil from your fingers and nails.


8. “Use coconut milk on your hair to strengthen your hair and improve their quality.”

Coconut milk is beneficial for your hairs. It strengthens your hair and makes them strong, straight, and glossy. You should try the coconut milk on your hair once in a week.


9. “Trim your split ends at home.”

Follow up the procedure shown in the above picture to trim your split ends at home yourself. It will make your hairs perfect.


10. “Get high ponytail using bobby pins.”

Bobby pins help to make a high ponytail. Firstly tie up your ponytail as high as you want with your usual hair band. And as shown in the above picture, place some bobby pins on your rubber band. Your ponytail will stay as you made it. And you will get the perfect high ponytail.


11. “Touch up the roots of your hair using eyeshadow.”

It sounds weird to touch your scalp using eyeshadow. But it’s an actual hack. Take the eyeshadow color on the earbud which matches with the color of your scalp. But don’t forget to remove it before you would have some sleep.


12. “Convert your pencil eyeliner into a gel one by heating it slightly.”

To make your eyeliner a gel one, place it on the candle flame and slightly heat it. The candle flame does the magic, and your eyeliner will be ready to use it as a gel after few seconds.


13. “Get that perfect wing.”

Just follow up the procedure shown in the above picture to get a perfect wing. It will make your eyes sexy.


14. “Apply the concealer in this way to hide dark circles.”

Use the concealer on the inner side of your eye to hide the dark circles under your eyes.


15. “Always wash your hair using cold water.”

Try to wash your hair with the cold water. You can firstly wash your hair with the luke water and then shift to the cold water. It will make your hair shiny and healthy.


16. “Let your hair open.”

Always let your hair open when it is wet. Never tie up the damp hair.


17. “Fix a broken nail.”

Follow up the procedure given in the above picture to fix your broken nails.


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