On The Secret Dinner Date- Bella Hadid Lost Looks In The Weekend’s Eyes In Paris


The incentive rumors about the smitten of Bella Hadid and The Weekend is spreading in a common way. It is also in the rumors that the model Bella Hadid and the singer The Weekend are officially back together. Well, there is nothing doubtful to say that this rumors may be correct also. After all, they both are seen in stepping out for a dinner date in Paris which might be quite romantic also. They are just like on-again, off-again exes that are spending a good time with each other and having a relaxation together.

On the dinner date in Paris which can be secretive also, Bella was found that she was looking like she is on cloud 9. Bella Hadid is 21 years model and The Weekend is 28 years singer. And it is written all over in the face of Bella that she is smitten with The Weekend. In Paris, they both stepped out for a dinner date which was so sweet on 31st of May. The model, Bella was found to look so happier than ever as she was found staring at her ex ( The Weekend ) across the table. There is nothing wrong kind of rumor about there togetherness.

The Weekend, the singer, even posted a video of his beverage with Bella in the background. In that video, you could hear the voice of Bella as she was asking that if The Weekend was taking a video of the bubble. They might be gone on a secret dinner date but there is nothing shocking if they were found to be in the eyes of the viewers. And might be they have a good time together. But still, all are eagerly waiting to know if they are together or not. They might behave like exes or not but they will not surely keep it as a secret for a long time.

Bella and The Weekend might be exes or not but it seems like they are on the way to enkindle their romance if they already have not yet. While in France, Bella and The Weekend are spending a tone of a good time together. At Coachella, they two were spotted reportedly kissing in April, then the rumors were spread that they were again sparked back together. But when the things did not remain the same and the things died down. And on May 10, then they were again spotted kissing at the beach-front Magnum x Alexander Wang Party at the Cannes Film Festival. But this was not the end or there would be nothing wrong if we say that this was the beginning of the new start.

At a black-tie screening of ” Ash is the Purest White “, Bella and The Weekend were again seen together where they were found sitting together. They were found sitting together for a long time. And again this continued. Their Cannes love fest continued when the singer, The Weekend, showed up to watch the model walk in the Fashion for a Relief show.

In 2015, Bella Hadid and The Weekend started dating each other. At Coachella, where The Weekend performs, they both became more than friends. And even in October 2015, The Weekend bought a puppy for Bella on her 19th birthday. And they even spend her birthday together in New York. But then the report was found in which there was written that the couple is taking a break from each other due to their busy schedules. And in the fall of 2016, they split. And in January 2017, the singer, The Weekend moved on with Selena Gomez. And Bella did not give any much attention to this news and meanwhile, she was focused on her work.

Many people were spreading rumors that Bella is hurt and pissed. But her mother had revealed that her daughter Bella no longer cares about the relationship of The WEekend and Selena. And this was then in reports that Selena and The Weekend split in October 2017. And Selena Gomez decided to get back with her ex Justin Bieber. And The Weekend followed her in her footsteps which can be shown by this little dinner date with Bella. The major reason for their split relationship might be their busy schedules. However, no confirmed reports of the split are still found.


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