Matthew Perry Had To Suffer From The Tough During The Running Time Of The Show F.R.I.E.N.D.S.


Nothing in this world is perfect. And even if we talk to some person about their present life, they will tell you what wrong is going on in their story, and also they will never mention what they have. The problem which arises here is the human nature. Humans think that all other people are happy except them. But this is not true because every person had to see ups and downs in their lives. No one is living a perfectly happy life. And it is all about human to complain about their downs rather than their ups.

Celebrities are also human beings. They also suffer from the same situation, but the fact is they try to hide their matters from the media. If we talk about the famous sitcom, Friends, we will see that people are mad at watching the show and one human being watches it for the number of times. The series lasted for ten seasons for ten years from 1994 to 2004. There were six main casting friends in the show. They are Chandler Bing, Monica Geller, Ross Geller, Rachel Green, Joey Tribbiani, Phoebe Buffay.

I am here to talk about one of the friends from the show, and he is Matthew Perry as Chandler Bing. Everybody loves the show, F.R.I.E.N.D.S., and also they like Chandler. No matter as we know that Joey was the most famous and the cool guy among all friends and Ross was the smartest among all, but we should not forget that Chandler was the wealthiest friends among all three. And also he is the funny one among all.

In the show, Chandler falls in love with Monica. Monica is the love of his life, and his romance with Monica was not such like Ross Geller and Rachel Green. It was very calm with no drama in it. The couple fell in love with each other and got married. The story was not the difficult one. But do you know why his story was complete and smooth? The actors well portrayed the story. The credit goes to Chandler and Monica.

But we should not forget that teh real world is exactly opposite than the screen life. Chandler in F.R.I.E.N.D.S. is precisely different from Matthew Perry in real life, but the one similarity that we can notice was that he was the wealthiest person in the show and also in his real life. The show made all the six casting members to earn a lot daily. Thanks to the popularity of the show in such a way that now the casting members need not worry about money for their future life. But the only thing which makes them different was that Matthew was heavily addicted to painkillers during the running time of the show. Painkillers are like drugs to a person, and directly or indirectly Matthew Perry was intaking drugs which had a severe impact on his part.

In 1997, Matthew Perry met with a jet ski accident and hence he got heavily injured with it. And to recover from pain, the doctors prescribed him to eat Vicodin. Vicodin is good medicine to heel a person from the pain, but the problem which arose in Matthew’s life was that he kept on in taking the medication at the time when he did not need it, and also he got addicted to eating the dose on a daily basis. Thus it was like a drug to him.

Also in an interview with People Magzine, Matthew said, “because of the pills I ‘felt better than [I] ever felt in [my] entire life.”

He also said, “The big problem with pills and alcohol’ and that I ‘could not stop.'”

And the medication was the reason for the weight fluctuating on the different seasons of the show. People also added that he said, “From an outsider’s perspective, it would seem like I had it all. It was a lonely time for me because I was suffering from alcoholism. It was going on before Friends, but it’s a progressive disease.”

Matthew also said that he was never high drunk on the set of the show but for the three years he was not able to collect the memories from the show. It was a sad hangover for him. Also after the addiction, Matthew suffered from acute pancreatitis which caused him hospitalized for two weeks and a huge loss in weight.

But for him, we can say that he tried a lot not to get addicted, and Obama Administration awarded him the Champion Of Recovery Award and the award he has presented with at The White House.


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