Marvelous Facts About The King Of Hip Hop Eminem


Marshall Bruce Mathers born on October 17, 1972, better known by his stage name as Eminem is an American actor, record producer, songwriter, and rapper. The 45-year-old rapper has many achievements all over his running career. Eminem is the most excellent vending artist of the 2000s in the United States. He has crippled the biased approach and trace new grounds.  Eminem has earned a position of dignity in the American cultural scene. Before he heard rap, he wanted to be a comic book artist. These can be retrieved by surfing the net. But here we would like to offer you exciting facts about the man who has steadily become a hip-hop icon.


1. Eminem Was Badly Bullied At Elementary School



He studied at Dort Elementary School. 9-year-old Eminem did not have a good time during his elementary schooling. Eminem was threatened so severely as a kid his mother sued the Detroit school system for not protecting him. On a snowy day, while playing “King of the Hill” one of the rowdy, DeAngelo Bailey hit his on the face with a snowball laden with a heavy object. As a result of that, his mother, Debbie, alleged her son suffered a concussion and temporary loss of vision in one eye.


2. True Dream of  Eminem was To Become A Comic Book Artist



Rapping was not a passion for the little boy budding up in Detroit, genuinely interested in story-telling, Eminem meant to have a career as a comic book artist. His love for animation can be seen all over his career as seen in the Slim Shady Show series and the “Mosh” video.


3. Eminem Was Arrested, when Eminem Was 20, for A Drive-By Shooting



Eminem and his friends shot at a police car and were caught by police. They shoted police car with their paintball gun T te He was arrested and charged – even though he didn’t shot. But the one who shoted at the car was not Eminem, his friend did.The case was discharged when the suspect clown did not show up for the hearing.


4. Eminem Used ‘Nigga Word’ And Decided To Censor It.



Eminem bleeped the word “Nigga” from his record ‘Criminal’ because he did not want that word in his song. Although, in 2003 The Source magazine’s  co-founder and editor  Benzino, uncovered a tape where the rapper used the word “NIGGA.” He claimed his statement explaining:” the tape was made when he broke up with his girlfriend, who was African American, was a teenager and tape was made out of frustration, anger, stupid kid When he broke up with his girlfriend, who was African American,



5. He Was Offered The Lead Role In The 2013 Sci-Fi Movie, Elysium. 



Eminem was interested in shooting. But wanted that the movie to be shot in his stamping ground but the two studios Media Rights Capital & Tristar Pictures refused. For Elysium  Matt Damon was not the first choice. The director approached Eminem for the role of Max Da Costa. The two studios denied and the position went to Matt.


6.  Eminem Sued Universal Music Group


No of singers who had not expected the blast in digital music sales. Many of them were cheated by music companies until Eminem through FBT Productions sued the music giant Universal music for the free-willed digital royalties.


7. Guinness Book of World Records Eminem’s Song ‘Rap God’ 



Rap God released on October 2013A particular verse of the song was sung in accelerated speed having 97 words in 15 seconds an average of 6.5 words per second. The record for having most words in a song.


8. Top 30 highest scoring person in Donkey Kong Game.



On December 3rd, 2009, Eminem surprised the gamer community when he tweeted his highest Donkey Kong game score.The score range above an average player. Four months later on March 30th, 2010, he shocked everyone with a new score of 465,800 close to the top 30 on galaxies Leaderboard.


9. Eminem Made One Unsigned Album Before “The Slim Shady LP”



In 1996,  his first album released was, Infinite. The album sold only about 1000 copies. Later in 1999, Eminem came up with his commercial debut, Slim Shady LP that went number two spot on the Billboard 200. The album reached on to get four platinum certificate in the USA from the RIAA. This was the album that launched Eminem from a non-entity to a famous rapper.


10. Eminem Refused To Rap At The Oscars 



Eminem denied singing at the Oscars as the producer wanted him to rap the radio-friendly version of the song. But he wanted to sing the original song as it was and allowed the editor to edit the words.Since the event was simulcasted ‘Lose Yourself’ the first winning song not performed on the Oscars stage.


11. Eminem Almost Died


He has been rushed to the hospital where the doctors told him that his organs were beginning to shut down. He became addicted to prescription drugs consuming Valium, Vicodin, and Xanax. This addiction led to stomach aches, and he started to compensate for the pain by overeating. In 2007, he collapsed from an overdose of methadone. The doctors did not think that he would survive but somehow managed to beat them.


12. Who is Eminem?



Eminem is a best-selling artist who has 9 number one albums. He won the academy award for the Best Original Song for “Lose Yourself.” First rapper to win an Oscar for a rap song.


13. Eminem Is Slim Shady


There is Slim Shady the guy with an attitude, outrageous, and always on the offensive spouting the harsh truths or controversial opinion’s and putting people’s backs up.They basically wanted to be named as “Dirty Dozen,” but the name was already taken by a Jazz group.


14. Eminem Sleeps Through The Oscars



He didn’t even attend the event. He was sleeping at his home in Oakland Township, Michigan with the TV tuned to cartoons for his daughter, Hailie. He won the Academy Award for the Best Original Song for “Lose Yourself” in 2003. He was the first rapper to win an Oscar for a rap song.


15. Eminem Was Sued By His Own Mother



In 1991,  mother of Eminem sued him for about 10 million USD for defaming her on the Slim Shady LP. She received a paltry 1,600 USD from the lawsuit.


16. Eminem’s Bully Gets His Just Desserts



In the song “Brain Damage” Eminem raps about a bully DeAngelo Bailey who bullied him when he was studying in the elementary school.“Bailey thinks he’s entitled to some monetary gain/Because Eminem used his name in vain.”




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