Let’s Have A Look Over The Basic Makeup Tips Which Every Woman Should Know


It takes up years to learn specific techniques and develop skills as a makeup artist.

There are few tips we have picked up that can be very useful to you. The one does not need to be a professional to apply makeup that looks beautiful and natural.

Not only will these tips save your time but also enhance your looks.

The secret to long-lasting lipstick

To prevent your lipstick from slipping, apply a light coat of translucent powder or a similarly colored powder blush or even eyeshadow.

Here’s a tip: If you want to use a good power, go for MAC Prep+Prime Transparent Finishing because this is the best product available on the market!

MAC Prep+Prime Transparent Finishing Powder gives a silky smooth finish, and it is transparent in color, so you don’t have to bother about it looking cakey. It is one of the Mac products that doesn’t disappoint.


Powder your lashes

You can transform the thickness of your lashes by applying a little bit of baby powder before you use mascara. Dust small amount of powder before applying coats of mascara, this will provide you with a noticeable difference in your lashes thickness.


Paint your Nails like a Pro

Busy schedule? But want perfectly manicured nails? Don’t worry; we have just the product for you. There is this fantastic spray product called Spray Perfect. All you need is some practice and this miraculous product.

You can save money on this product and not worry about messy manicures ever again. All that needs to be done is to spray on the polish, then wash off the excess polish gently and get the fantastic manicure done easily.

The best part that it dries in under a minute.


Best tip to get Rid of Facial Redness

There hasn’t been any scientifically proven research on the effect of cucumber on facial redness, but it has been verified as a natural home remedy for hundreds of problems. For better cooling effects, use the cucumber straight from the fridge.

For trying out other options which are not home remedies, go anti-redness skin cream.  This cream reduces the appearance of redness and calms the inflammation of the skin. Make sure to consult your dermatologist.


Mix Your Products

For a better experience to your skin, opt for mixing your products. You can mix your moisturizer and concealer, it serves as an excellent mixture and holds on your face for long. But, don’t forget to check what concealer suits and matches your skin type best.

Choosing the right concealer is essential. Personal favorite being Covergirl and Olay Simply Ageless. It works best if you have dark circles under your eyes. It also hides scars or other skin signs.


Use Business Cards to create Eyeliner Stencils.

This is one of the best stencil ideas. It creates a good stencil outline for the eyeshadows when you opt for something dramatic. This works great for cat eye effect.


De-Clump your Mascara

All our mascara get dried up and need to be replaced every three to four months, but accept it: most of our mascaras dry off long before they need to be replaced. To save yourself from this, put a few drops of Visine into your mascara. This will help you break up the clumps, and your mascara will be new and as ever.


The Line Saver

Eyeliners start to fray, especially in summers. Certain types of liners are more prone to this, especially the ones that aren’t waterproof. To keep your liner better, sweep some loose or pressed powder right underneath the liner on your bottom lid.

It creates a barrier, preventing your liner from drooping downwards.


Map the Contours with a Gel Eyebrow Pencil for your Face

A gel eyebrow pencil is easier to use and has a high amount of precision. It blends in fast and saves you the energy and time.

To begin with, mark the areas that need to be contoured-hollow of your cheekbone, temples, along with your hairline, jawline, sides of your nose, the tip of your nose, creases of your eyes using a profoundly colored brow gel pencil.

The best part about gel eyebrow pencils is that they are concentrated and get smudged easily. It becomes easy to control the placement of the dark pigment. For the next step,  For the tops of your cheekbone, for your nosefor the center of your forehead, the center of your skin and on your cupid bow use an all-over cream highlighter.

These tips and tricks are tested and tried ones. They have been harnessed beautifully and with full efforts and then finally presented to you.


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