Let’s Check out which eyebrow shape suits the Different Shapes of the Faces

Eyebrows are the essential part of the women’s face which make them beautiful. Every woman should maintain adequately shaped eyebrows to groom their personality according to their face shapes. It looks like a silly thing, but you will know that well-trimmed eyebrows just make it fit with your appearance. Your entire appearance changed with well-groomed eyebrows.

The main problem that all women face nowadays is that they do not understand that the different face cut shapes should have different eyebrow shapes which suits them according to their face cuts. But you don’t worry, and there is no need to hurry up and hurriedly reach to the parlor. We are here with some manual tips to provide you the knowledge about the different eyebrow shapes according to different face cut shapes. We have the suggestions for six different face cut shapes. These are a square face, round face, long face, heart-shaped face, Diamond shaped face, and oval-shaped face.

Below is given the full description of the various shapes of the eyebrows with the pictures so that you can understand it in the best way.

“Eyebrow shape can change how your face shape looks.”

According to Kevyn Aucoin, “Knowing your face shape is the first step to creating your most beautiful look.”


1. “Square Face”

The width of the forehead, cheekbones, and jawlines is all about the same in the square-shaped face. The square jawline is the most apparent feature among us.

The eyebrows should not be too angular and not too round for the people having a square-shaped face. It should softly rounded towards the end of the eyebrow.


2. “Round Face”

The round shaped face is broad as much as it is long in shape. The wide part of the face is cheeks. The round shaped face is thick from the cheeks.

People with round shaped face should wear very angular and rounded eyebrows. Just look at the picture for it. These people lack definition. So the angular and the rounded eyebrows add definition to their face.


3. “Long Face”

In this, the face is smooth tapers to a narrow oval shaped chin. The width of the forehead, cheekbones, and jawlines is all about the same.

People have the vertically stretched features who have the long faces because of which it is essential to wear adequately shaped eyebrows on your face. The suitably shaped eyebrows will neutralize the looks of your faces. People with the round faces lack definition and should wear the extended eyebrows towards the end.


4. “Heart-Shaped Face”

It is almost similar to the oval-shaped face, but the chin tapers to a point below the face.

The bushy eyebrow is growing in trend nowadays. But the people with the heart-shaped face should kiss this ongoing trend of the bushy eyebrow. You people blessed with a delicate jawline face, because of which you all should be maintained the well-groomed eyebrow on your face. It should be a thick eyebrow. You should keep a thin eyebrow. It no longer looks good. You should find a balanced eyebrow thickness to wear on your face to make your best look ever.


5. “Oval-Shaped Face”

The cheekbones are prominent. The forehead is wider than the chin. The face of the woman gracefully tapers to a narrow chin.

A slightly arched eyebrow suits the people with an oval face. They should maintain arched eyebrows. You have to make sure that the eyebrow should be slightly thick from the beginning and should be slightly thin towards the end. it will look awesome.


6. “Diamond shaped face.”

This shape is not as familiar as the other shapes of the faces. The shape of the face is typically angular. The forehead is somehow short.

People with the diamond shaped face should adopt curved eyebrows which help in reducing the widest part of the face temples.




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