Leave A Good Impression On Others Just By Following Some Easy Etiquette.


“A gentleman is someone who does not do what he wants to, but what he should do.” are words defined very accurately by a famous novelist Mr. Haruki Murakami. Etiquettes may be old, reductant or silly, but exist for a reason. These etiquettes can quickly judge a person. Whereas it may be some attitudinal thing to say thank you or sorry for people today, it can entirely create some impression on other’s mind. Merely coughing or sneezing can without covering the mouth can b very rude for the other one. But if you want to create a good impression in the minds of others, there are some simple ways.

1. Clap Correctly

Clapping is a widespread exercise but do you know the right way to applaud? You should slap with the hands at the chest level slightly tipped towards the left. Clapping with the sides at the face level is a horrible exercise.

2.Climb into the car right

It is a common thing to see people putting your legs in first and then sitting in. But that’s entirely wrong way. You should first sit in and then pull your legs in the car.

3. Don’t use butter from the dish

If you want to use butter, gently take a blob of it from your plate and apply it on your bread.

4. Never point your finger

Pointing at something or someone is not a good practice. If you want to point at something, you should use your whole hand instead of a finger.

5. Use your left hand to a cough

Your right hand is considered as human hand meant for all purposes like shaking hands, waving goodbye, etc. Hence to carry out your any nasty works, you should use your left side.

6.Don’t return a dish empty

If someone has lent you some recipe in a utensil, do not answer it empty. Instead, replace it with some sweets or goodies in it. It is a way to say Thank You to the person.

7. Don’ drink while someone is raising a toast to you

If you are toasted, then don’t drink. Return it with your charm and then drink with everyone else.

8. Pass the salt and the pepper

Salt and Pepper are somethings that must go hand in hand. Hence, if someone asks you for salt, do pass him with the pepper also.

9. Make eye contact during a toast

While roasting a toast, you should make eye contact with the one with whom you are raising the toast.

10. Wear your bag on your left shoulder

As your right hand is your human hand, you should go for wearing your bags or purses on the left shoulder only.

11. Don’t congratulate the bride

We must congratulate the groom on a wedding, but we must not do the same with the bride. It is merely because she has to settle in the new home.

12. Correct sitting posture

Always sit in the correct posture with legs together, neither crossed nor widespread.

13. Pay for dinner entirely

If you have invited someone for dinner, it would be kind of you if you pay the full bill entirely.

14.Address someone as miss or master

While meeting someone for the first time, call him/her by master/miss followed by their surname. It’s an excellent practice.

15. Be on time

You should be punctual. It’s ok if you are late for once but being late on a regular basis is very bad.

Self-improvement is a natural process. So, just try implementing these simple tips in your life to add taste to your life.





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