Justin Theroux ‘Fears’ Jennifer Aniston is Irreplaceable: He Is Missing Her


Justin Theroux and Jennifer Aniston had split. And Jennifer Anniston had moved on in her life. Even she had done a photo shoot for the cover of Instyle magazine. But it seems like Justin Theroux has a fear that he will never find a someone like Jennifer Aniston. And it has been heard that he is missing her. And it might be also that he is missing their relationship and also their great life that they had spent together.

According to a source, the time that Justin had spent away from Jennifer was not so good and even not so memorable. There is no doubt that he is meeting new people during this time but there is nothing great about that. He is missing the company of Jennifer now. He is missing the time when they had laughed together and when they both had made each other happy.

Now, he is realizing that how incredible Jennifer was. He is missing her now and realizing that she was seriously very amazing. They both even had many things common in them. And they both had spent a great time together.

Recently, Jennifer had done a photoshoot for the cover story of ‘Instyle’ magazine. And in that photos, she was really looking fantastic. And her this photo shoot had amazed Justin Theroux. He was really surprised after seeing that cover story. And then the news had come that Justin is missing Jen. And also the time that they were together. But it does not mean that if he is missing her then they both are now together again.

Justin Theroux and Jennifer Aniston had ended their relationship. And all the things that bind them together are now over. But it is also true that they both are good friends.

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