Justin Talks About His Marriage With Hailey Baldwin That It Can Happen Soon- Check Out Here


Justin Bieber, 24-years old and Hailey Baldwin, 21-years old had got engaged in the Bahamas on 7th of July. And the engagement was so quick that many of us had taken some time to think that what had happened actually. But the news had gone viral instantly that had pu6t us in shock. But now the couple is planning their wedding. And it had made many of their fans to think that when the couple is going to marry.


And you might be surprised to know that the wedding that we all are eagerly waiting for can happen soon. And that is about Justin and Hailey Baldwin’s marriage. Justin had revealed that he can marry Hailey on any day. As the engagement that the couple had done was so quick that had shocked many of us, so that is why it would not be so surprising if they would marry one any day.

On July 29th, Sunday, when they both were together in New York City, then Bieber had run into the paparazzi. As his new song, “No Brainer” has gone hit and there was one photog who had complimented him for that song. Then paparazzi asked Justin that what is the next now? Then Justin had said that “Getting married”. And then he was asked that who is the lucky girl? Then he looked at Hailey and pointed towards her. And this clearly shows that the couple will get married soon.

Some had thought from his wordings that Justin is not going to release any of his new songs until he would get married to Hailey. But some had felt that the couple is planning to marry with each other. And it might be also possible that their marriage is going to happen soon. Hailey had shared one pic on her Instagram stories with Justin and in that picture, there was a shirt on which it was read as “The Future Mrs. Bieber,” and Hailey had said “UR funny! That shirt was made by Allison Kaye, general manager of SB Projects for her.

They both had spent their time together in New York City from the past few days and now they both really look like they are a happy couple.


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