Justin Searching Sel’s Instagram Posts For The Signs “To Get Back To Him”


Life becomes interesting if we see many ups and downs in it. If we go on with a smooth experience, there is nothing like extraordinary and essential things going to happen with us in future. We wait to have new challenges always. Experiences matter a lot for us. But for you today we will explain the new twists that Justin and Selena had to see in their life throughout and what they are presently doing in their dramatical life.

Well, we saw that Selena and Justin went for a break from each other, but then they had gone for a breakup. It is hard for both of them to become on and off lovers again and again. But the circumstances make them do so. But according to the recent news out it is said that Selena is still on Justin’s mind. No matter if their relationship is over, but they both care for each other. The real love never ends, and Justin and Selena are proving it with their acts towards each other.

The sources from HollywoodLife.com said, “Justin and Selena are not in the relationship right now. But that has not stopped Justin from keeping an eye on her Instagram posts.”

One of the sources close to Justin Bieber said that “Justin does not follow Selena, but he still checks her page, and her last few posts have got him all twisted.” Justin still cares for Selena’s posts and visits her Instagram account for the latest updates from her side and checks if she has mentioned something about her relationship with him or if she has moved on in her life.

The source continued to say that “She has been promoting her video for ‘Back to You’ and posting specific lyrics from the song that makes it seem like she is still thinking about Justin, or at least that is how Justin is taking it.”

For Justin’s positive vibes regarding his relationship with the love of his life, Selena is still thinking of Justin, and she is busy in promoting her video song which was for him, ‘Back to You.’ This was all that Justin was looking for.

Selena is trying to explain her feelings to Justin with the help of her song. She is giving the sign that she is missing Justin and want to get back to him. With her lyrics, Selena explains “I know I would go back to you.”

The words in the song have moved to Justin Bieber. He is searching for Selena to be back to him so that they can be happy with each other once again. Selena is posting her photos on the Instagram account with the caption of the lyrics in the song. Through her caption, it gives signs to Justin, and this is the reason why Justin is searching her Instagram account on a daily basis. Selena’s next post captions as “I wanna hold you/when I’m not supposed to.”

The captions of Sel’s post are just like a message for Justin. One of the insiders said, “He is asking people’s opinions, and everyone is telling him to accept he can not figure Selena out and try and forget about her. That is just not possible for him to do though, he has not forgotten about her, not even close.”

As we get to see in the past of the couple’s life, we know that they both decided to give time to each other. They want a break, and finally, they had over their relationship. But the acts of both Selena and Justin shows that they cannot remain away from each other. We hope they will get back soon!


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