Justin Bieber Revealed Paparazzi About His Wedding Plans With Hailey Baldwin


Well, we all know very well aware about the news that Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin are engaged. And undoubtedly the news had shocked us for a while. Justin had taken a break from his busy schedule and he had spent most of his summer vacation with Hailey Baldwin in New York. Then on the 7th of July, when the couple was in the Bahamas, where Justin had popped a question to Hailey and they both got engaged.

But now their fans are waiting for their marriage. As their engagement was so quick so there will be nothing wrong to assume that their wedding can also happen fastly. Even it was also heard that Hailey had decided her bridesmaid for her wedding. Then it was cleared that Justin and Hailey are planning for their wedding. And that is why it is predicted that their marriage can happen on any day.

When Justin and Hailey were walking in the streets of New York, Justin stops to pick a piece of gem. And there, a paparazzi had said that his new song “No brainer” was nice. Then he was supposed to ask him a question that what is his next plans. Then Justin had said to him that to get married is his next plan. Then the paparazzi asked him that who is the lucky girl. Then Justin said to him that she by seeing towards Hailey.

Justin was smiling at that moment and he is really very happy with Hailey. Even he had said that he feels very lucky to have Hailey back in his life and that he could not find a better one than Hailey. But this is not the first time that Justin had opened up about his relationship with Hailey. Before this situation also, Justin had given many explanations about his relationship and had revealed that he is with Hailey.

But once a reporter had asked him a question that if Hailey was pregnant? It was really an uncontrollable question and Justin had felt that it is necessary to give him a better answer so that he would never interfere in all this matter. Justin had asked that what is his problem.


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