How The Way We Fold Our Hands Reveal A Lot About Our Personality!


There are many different ways in which personality of an individual has been linked to certain physical parts of the human body. The one attribute that stands out above the rest seems to be our hands. Our hands hold information about our lives and reveal subtle clues in regards to many things, such as the way we act, behave in general and make choices. We often compare and contrast left-handed people with individuals who are right-handed. It was observed that left-handed are better artists and get angry or scared easily than right-handed.

Our body has the power to express our personality. Our hand movements can reveal inner personality traits. The apparent characteristics in our hands don’t change, but the more elegant lines, the color, how we hold our fingers can vary depending on our feelings, health and how we are using our energy. We can analyze our personalities by looking at how we make a fist. By carefully examining how we curl up our hands, where we place our fingers, we can determine certain aspects of our personalities. It is rightly said that body language can make or break a person and no matter where you are the right body language can make you win many battles. The way you carry yourself and the actions you implement can reveal your true intentions to create the way you hold your hands can point out the more profound truths about your personality which even you might not know. A lot of people like to keep their hands when they are talking while the others don’t. At some point, you fold your hands and the way you do it reveal a lot about you.

Let us discuss how the way we fold our hands reveal our personality

1. Holding The Right Hand Over The Left One

It is observed that 70 percent of people fold their hands by placing their right hand over the left one. One thing is for sure that such people are undoubtedly the best kind of people you will meet in your life. They are extroverts and make friends with almost all who attend them. They have a golden heart. They make for excellent counselors who listen to people whenever they needed. They are simple and serve as excellent friends and can stand by you no matter what. These people are incredibly vulnerable and often fall into traps because of their nature. They listen to their heart more than they look to their brain. One feels lucky to be around these people because they think of the greater good of everybody instead of focusing on their selfish reasons before they make any decision or come to any conclusions. They are patient listeners and never judge anyone even if you tell them the silliest of things.

2. Folding The Left Hand Over The Right One

These people are in the minority. They like to have fun but within their comfort zone. They enjoy spending their time with their people than with someone new. They are reserved in nature as they mostly like to keep to themselves. They are honest souls but extremely observant. They have a creative mind and are known for their problem-solving ability. They are the ones to know when something is amiss. They are a great artist and can do well in creating jobs. Also, these people can be arrogant to those who don’t know them too well. These people need to open up more to people. They tend to be workaholics as they ignore their family life because of their work. They should aim to correct this, to maintain a balance in both professional and personal spheres of life.


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