Here We Are With 12 Different Hairstyles For Round Faces


Today the most important thing that a person wants is to look perfect in every sense. But how can we forget that many things make us feel low in front of others? We always try to do best for us but still, there are many which we can’t overcome. Our end goal in mind is to be perfect. We try new experiments always on us to just give a try to the new things. Let us take an example of a round face person. The girl with round face will always try to hide her cheeks with her hairstyle, and her end goal will be to implement a different haircut such that her cheeks will get covered.

She will do any numbers of experiments on herself. She will she start thinking that how a round face can help us to look like a smart lady rather than a child girl. Here are some different hairstyles which will help you look more impressive than others.

Here are some techniques which will help you to determine if your face is round or not.

The first and foremost thing is that your forehead, cheekbones, and jawline will fall in the same line. The width of each will also be equal. There will be only some difference in the width and length of your face. You will have soft features and no sharp angle on your face.

Now if you have learned how to determine if your face is round or not then you must also know how to style differently for your hair. Here are some techniques which will help you look beautiful with different styles. And those styles will prove complementary to you.

1. Shaggy Bob

Jennifer Lawrence has declared herself the best one to style perfect for the hair and to look impressive. She acts as an inspiration for many other people with round face. Jen looks gorgeous in her asymmetrical bob rocking style. She looks perfect in the rough waves and the side parting hairstyle. She knew how to set her hair and give others a message about the method.

2. Fauxhawk

The next one is to add some height by styling your hair differently. It provides an elongating effect to your face. Ginnifer Goodwin acted as an excellent example of this style. She transformed her style from cute pixie to fauxhawk and set a standard for the people by wearing a bit of hair gel and a comb.

3. Side Bun With Bangs

Lucy Hale looks cute on her round face. She would plainly see after her hairstyle correctly, and she knew that what she is doing with her hair. Lucy had tried to put on a low bun on the side as shown in the picture. She parted her hair from the center which proves useful for her as it hides some width of her face.

4. Short Bob With Side Swept Bangs

Hayden Panettiere can give the perfect lesson to you for this style. She perfectly knows how to look sexy and cute at the same time. This short bob with side swept bangs adds length to her face. It hides her round face.

5. Big Swoop Bangs

Kelly Clarkson styles perfectly for her hair by making big swoop bangs. This style flatters her round face. She manages her hair by pairing it with big hits which gives an attractive look to her face and streamlining the top half of her face.

6. Voluminous Waves

Kelly Osbourne has full waves with curly style. She looks a total bombshell in this look. This massive wave help her hiding her cheeks width as she parted her hair from the center and let her hair fall on her cheeks directly.

7. Sleek Straight Long Hair

If we take an example of Mila Kunis, then we will see she has a perfect round shaped face but still her round face does not makes her feel low or this does not stop her look perfect. Mila seems ideal with long sleek hair either this gives her perfect voluminous hair or not that does not matter. This choice of wearing silky straight long hair proves that she has a good sense of hairstyle. She defines an actual definition to the haircut for round face.

8. Long Hair With Layers

Aishwarya Rai has done a hairstyle which any other reasonable person can comfortably wear, but the thing which we should keep in mind while wearing layers on your hair is, you should know that any hair layer must not end at your chin as this can get someone feel about your round face.

9. Long Hair With Fringe

If someone does not like the way of styling like putting layers on their hair, then they can try some other style by wearing a fringe on their hair. It will add to the plus point for their face. This style of long hair with fringe will suit her perfectly and look great.

10. Middle Parting

Generally what happens is, people don’t like the idea of getting half parted hair on their face, but for a round face Drew Barrymore has set an example for such people. She has proved that there is nothing which we cannot get. Her hair looks longer and slimmer than before. This style is casual and effortless style.

11. Curly Hair

Now this one for those who have round face but does not want to hide them with the help of open hair. They want a tie on their hair. Adele has given an excellent example of such kind of people. She is wearing a side ponytail done up in curls and teased the nose down on top to create volume.

12. Long Layers With Sea Wave Curls On Long Bangs

This one style is also the perfect one as in this we will get to pair up bangs with the layers of our hair. If you want this style, then you must have curly hair, and if you are not having, then you can just curl them for a little time. It adds a new trend to your style.



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