Check Out Why You Drool And What Can Be Its Consequences?


It is very often that if someone asks you whether you drool while sleeping, you will say of course no, a big no. And that’s because it is embarrassing for oneself to imagine that situation. But in reality, you should be boastful about it as it is not only one of the standard things, but also an indicator of your restful sleep. It can make you feel uncomfortable, or a little frowned upon, but in reality, there is nothing like that.

Drooling, in particular, is the saliva that comes out of your mouth while you sleep. It is because, at night, your swallowing muscles get relaxed due to which saliva gets out of the mouth. Sialorrhea and hypersalivation are medical terms associated with drooling. It is quite surprising that a person often dribbles much more when awake than when he is sleeping. But it doesn’t come to notice as one happens to swallow it up while awake.

If you do not like it, there are also some solutions for reducing drolling. Sleep on your back is one of the primary methods you can cut drolling because when you sleep at your back, your saliva settles at your throat. Drinking more water is another remedy. Mandibular devices and CPAP machines can also provide you with the solutions.

Drooling is common in the children who may be caused by insufficient swallowing, infrequent swallowing, or any other particular reasons. Allergies or GERD or acidity are other factors related to drolling.

Tonsillitis, the inflammation of tonsils glands is another reason when you can experience drooling. Sleep terrors may also lead you to do excess salivation. Also, if you take medications, anti-depressents or other chemicals, then drooling can be an everyday thing for you.


Restful Sleep, Deep sleep

A dream has several phases of different duration. The most significant one is rapid eye movement (REM). In this phase, we enter a deep sleep and experience restful sleep. In this phase, specific neurotransmitters help us avoid the muscular movements that make us run away from the nightmare. Therefore, drooling occurs as a result of deep sleep.


When you drool while sleeping, is it because you slept like a baby?

“The adult is completely disconnected, where their brain functions are turned off to achieve rest and repair.” said by Dr. Jorge Abel Salinas. It stops swallowing and thus pass the saliva, eliminates it and therefore famous drooling is done. Hence in complete rest, your body rests well which means your mouth is open to producing drooling. This also ensures that your sleep is being well processed as all the processes of your sleep usually are occurring.

What if you never drool?

In case, your rest is not complete, or your brain may not rest appropriately because it is being affected by dream habits. You may get incomplete rest and thus may not drool. Your neurons may not recover well during the night.

Drooling is a good sign?

Hence, if you drool while sleeping, it is a positive sign for both a healthy body as well as a healthy mind. As said by Salinas “One should not be ashamed to drool because it is a natural fact. We just have to be sure that we are breathing correctly and that sleep apnea doe not occurs (interruption of breathing). ”

Hence it is necessary that we give ourselves a complete rest by giving proper time to sleep and have entire rest.


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